Broadcast Facilities

Parliament House


Here’s some pics i took of the media out front of Buckingham Palace on Sep 8, 2022 (the night Queen Elizabeth II passed away). Sorry for the delay in posting - these were taken to be posted here, but i forgot about it


NBL in 2016 in Perth (from the Wildcats’ TikTok):

I have found a snapshot of the TVNZ newsroom in Auckland and this is what it looked like in 1989.

Everything’s changed these days.

Snapshot courtesy of YouTube channel @Sleek822 and TVNZ; no copyright infringement intended.


10 WBBL Commentary Box!

SEN Commentary Box:

Main Event:

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A bit of an update on the ABC’s Studio 26 in Sydney. Their former offices in Selwyn Street Elsternwick (not to be confused with the Gordon Street studios) are also mentioned.
ABC cashes in as former Sydney studios sold for $95m (

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I’ve lived in Leopold (east of Geelong) my whole life so the twin transmitters for 3CW have always been part of the landscape. Today I noticed that only 1 of them is still standing. I don’t know when the other was pulled down. No surprise as 3CW has been off air for a while now and the land is being developed.