Bauer Media


Rebel Wilson is set to receive $4.5 million from Bauer Media over defamation damages


Who thinks this will stop them publishing bullshit articles?
No. Me neither.


That could pay for a lot of Photoshopping!


Peter Ford onto it:


He always gets the details right. :joy:



Will more celebrities be emboldened now to sue magazines for all these stories which are outright lies?


Bauer Media executive Andreas Schoo is leaving the company at the end of this month, following a change to the company’s executive structure. Schoo was responsible for the areas of print, digital as well as temporarily radio in several countries. He was also interim chief executive in Australia after the departure of David Goodchild until the appointment of Nick Chan as CEO. Publisher Yvonne Bauer will take over Schoo’s responsibility.


Rebel won the payout not just because of the lies but because the judge thought that as a direct result she had lost significant income.


I loved Who when it first appeared in the 1990s, including the trial issues they put out in advance of the official launch. It’s gone downhill, especially since Time sold it to Seven. I wouldn’t go anywhere near it, I wouldn’t even bother having a browse through it at the supermarket.


They used to do good interviews but it’s just gone down the gossip mag route along with all the other existing and new titles.


Who used to be a really good read for its first few years before it became just another celebrity rag


I think Who wants to be the best of both worlds: a celebrity gossip mag with some current affair topics thrown in. It still has good interviews from time to time.


“celebrity gossip” is the “best of both worlds”? :confused:


Reports say Bauer will appeal the quantum of damages in the Rebel Wilson defamation case.


You’d think they’d cut their losses rather than pay more legal costs for this.

Don’t they realise they are going against public opinion and are unlikrly to find sympathetic jurors or judges in any court cases?


This is going to get really dirty and Bauer Media are going to have a lot more of their shonky practices exposed.


I tell a tale of the person who peed on an electric fence. A not-so-dumb person will only do it once, and learn from their mistake. An complete idiot will do it again and deserve all that is coming to them.


which one are you Big D? :stuck_out_tongue:


The not-so-dumb one - I’ll pee on the fence and learn not to do it again. :rofl: I’ll admit - I may have two uni degrees and several TAFE and private provider certs to my name, but I know I’m an dimwit.