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TV Week is running a reader survey. Here’s a chance to tell them to put something in the magazine besides Home & Away every week. You can be in the running for cash prizes: $250 and 2 x $50.


Bauer Media has decided to axe Rugby League Week which was first published in 1970. The closure is bad timing given the new NRL season just started last week. The final issue will be published on March 27. Bauer has reached an agreement with the NRL in which the league will take over the Immortals concept and the magazine’s archives.
This will leave News Corp’s Big League as the only weekly dedicated to rugby league in Australia.


Network Ten reveal the fate of the show

No, they don’t.

TEN responds to Neighbours axe claims

The headline is factually incorrect. Network Ten isn’t mentioned in the article at all. And the response that they did get from Fremantle was as vague as they come. I suppose technically it’s a response but it doesn’t say anything we didn’t already know.

Neighbours initially aired in 1986, and has provided 31 years of entertainment. The UK is the series’ largest fan base in the world. Can the show survive without them?

Technically, Neighbours did initially air – in the UK – in 1986. But in Australia it was 1985.

The first telling sign that the drama series was facing a shift came about when BBC 1 removed the series from its primetime slot and shelved it onto Channel 5. It has remained there since 2008.

BBC1 did not remove it and “shelve it onto Channel 5”. BBC1 wanted to keep the show but the producers upped the price out of the BBC’s reach. So Channel 5 picked it up. Not the same thing.

I suppose in this era of post-truth, click-bait and junior writers who were barely born in the last millennium and seemingly can’t even google… this is the new normal.

But, hey, they got me to click on the headline so mission accomplished, yeah?


I find I fall for the same sort of click bait and then it gives me the irrits when I don’t see anything I don’t already know and it’s littered with inaccuracies. :laughing:


TV Week is run on the smell of an oily rag now, no surprise the quality is poor.


Claire Askew is quitting as Cosmopolitan editor after nearly four years with Bauer Media, to spend more time with her family. She will remain at the company until April 6.


You can tell by the constant recycling and photoshopping of a small number of photos which are used again and again on the cover.

January 2017

August 2014

September 2014


Or these:
January 2017

October 2015

September 2015


I’ve never even noticed this… can’t be that bad…

Nice attention to detail there J Bar.


I dread the weekly Home And Away covers on TV Week as much as anyone else, but to be fair I think TV Week’s challenge with covers is that apart from Home And Away, Neighbours or “hit” reality shows like MKR or Married At First Sight, anything else is fair game to be bumped, axed or whatever at a moment’s notice… so they’re not going to take a punt and feature a front cover of something that could be axed by the time it goes to print.

Have just been reading Number 96: Australian TV’s Most Notorious Address which was launched recently. It featured a quote by Ten’s publicity chief in the 1970s who said that TV Week even then was very aggressive in putting Number 96 stars on the front cover frequently. He said it was great for 96 (and great for TV Week sales) but frustrating at the same time because the magazine was then ignoring other shows from the network.


It’s bad enough that Home & Away dominates but my big gripe is that they keep using the same photos over and over again and that the design of the covers is so similar week to week that it looks like they’re just reheating the same thing rather than serving something new.

We had Emily Symons on the cover three times in seven weeks, early this year. They had some really good feature stories with exclusive interviews and photo shoots with Julie Morris, Ashleigh Brewer, Erik Thomson, Pete Evans over the last few weeks, yet none of those were chosen for the cover. Instead we had recycled photos of Home & Away and some really dodgy ones from Married at First Sight.

If you go back to around 2012, TV Week covers had a classy look about them and really caught your eye on the newstands. Now TV Week just blends in with all the women’s mags and is indistinguishable from the rest.


I agree that part is annoying just the recycled photos.


Some good news this week. Delta Goodrem on the cover of TV Week. Maybe the tide has turned.


That’s because she will make her debut on House Husbands the following week (Monday April 3).


yeah let’s see if they can go two weeks in a row without Home And Away :stuck_out_tongue:


They already did actually. Because the last one was Married at First Sight. Three weeks in a row might be pushing it, but. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bauer today axed Shop Til You Drop magazine, with the current issue to be the last.


Leading to more newsagents shutting up shop.


They finally dropped.


My local closed and now only operates deliveries.