ARN Regional (formerly Grant Broadcasters)

96k mp3… yuck


The music mate :slight_smile:

Sarah Maree, ex-Nova 100 and current floater for Fox is doing breakfast on KRock next year. An awesome pick-up.

Zinc’s FM repeater in Noosa appears to be offair

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Thanks for the confirmation - nothing here for a week and wasn’t sure if it was just very low power :slight_smile:

If Devonport’s 7AD ever relocates to FM, I Reckon 102.9 could be the best Option.

Back on tonight.

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Zinc is doing A-Z of the 70s and 80s up to new year.


Almost all Grant Stations Stream Horribly Low MP3 Streams Just Check Out Sea FM In Tas For Example.

I think the move to HE-AAC+ would be a much better idea considering almost all modern digital devices can decode it.
Convert all the 64k MP3 over to 64k HE-AAC+ and there would be a notable improvement


Nah the future is Opus not AAC

AAC apart from being 20 years old it is very synthetic… it is not a full band codec as where opus is.


Higgo is now covering shifts on Power FM Ballarat


Is KT&M going to be broadcasted on all Grant stations? 98.1 Power Fm are taking it as a “drive” in 2018.

Magic is taking Kate Tim and Marty and not SCA’s content afaik

According to their website, Hot 91 on the Sunshine Coast is airing it at 5pm. I can’t find any info for other Grant stations on whether they’re taking it or not.

With that in mind, it will be interesting on whether 7HO in Hobart will air “Kate, Tim & Marty” up against “Hughesy & Kate” on hit100.9 & “Kennedy Molloy” on Triple M, leaving the Tasmanian capital with not having a single local drive program on any of the local commercial stations.
This would lead to an interesting situation in which Launceston, Tasmania’s 2nd largest city, would still have at least one local drive program on a local commercial station (LAFM), whilst its sister station (Chilli) would take “Kate, Tim & Marty”.

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It would appear that Nova are syndicating KT&M as a delayed 5-7pm shift, probably on all of the Grant, ACE and Super Radio CHR stations


So not only networked, but not even live and unable to take live callers.

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I reckon that’s bs, why can’t they do it live for? I can only think of advantages to both the regional station and Nova having the show live.

Going live might be achievable for Grants but there’s no way BOG could do it. It would require them to take Nova’s playlist and not their own “Best Music” format.

BOG enjoy having K&J interview Bieber then playing Cold Chisel. It won’t be any different with KT&M.


Not going live would also be a technical limitation that the regionals are too cheap to pay to overcome.
Nova only use IP links for connections between their stations, and that wouldn’t suitable for a lot of regional stations.

Grant Broadcasters don’t have any way of transmitting a live program to multiple stations - they best they have is ISDN/Tieline links which are really only good for distribution to a small number of stations. All their networked shows are recorded and then inserted as voice tracks into local playout systems.

That really shouldn’t be an excuse though - Macqauire’s satellite system is easy to use, but it would come with a cost of about $52,000 a year ($10 per hour per downlink site capped at $100 per hour).

I also don’t see how music is much of a factor. All these stations do have a CHR skew even if it contains more 80s and 90s - so 2 hours of CHR during a show they only plays something like 8 songs shouldn’t be that big a deal.