Ambulance Australia

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Ten’s decision to show a repeat of season 1 of Ambulance back in February is coming back to haunt the network now.

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I’d say the problem was they were cutting it really fine from recording to editing to broadcast, so they didn’t have any episodes ready in time for the first week of ratings.

You could be right. Filming for season 2 began during last summer (the latest episode covered New Year’s Eve 2018) which left little time for turnaround.

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Well that kind of would be sense. The other reason made no sense to me.

Elizabeth Branagan, one of the NSW Ambulance paramedics featured on the show, has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and just started chemotherapy.

The final two episodes of the current season will be shown on Thursdays from May 23, after MasterChef.

Saw the season finale tonight. An excellent episode. However I find it strange that the fate of the guy who collapsed at the wheel in a hot car and Tony, the 70-year-old ex-policeman who fell and bumped his head, was not revealed near the end. Did they recover from their injuries?
The promo described tonight’s episode as “finale” and not “season finale”. I hope there will be more seasons of Ambulance Australia to come, if not necessarily from NSW.

I was wondering the same thing, except I’d forgotten about the earlier guy (in the car), I was more wanting to know the outcome for the 70 year old!