Am To Fm Conversions In Solo Markets


According to page 3 of this document, the next markets to be consulted for AM-FM conversion, along with Lithgow, will be Bega, Cooma, Goulburn & Nowra, which is proposed to take place in the 2nd quarter of the 2018-19 financial year, ie. October-December this year.


3YB in Warrnambool is moving to the FM band at Midday tomorrow, with Vision Australia Radio to take up 3YB’s (as of tomorrow) former AM frequency.

Source: Radioinfo


so that only leaves 1089 3wm horsham then??


There’s also 981 3HA from Hamilton & 1134 3CS from Colac that can be picked up in parts of the Warrnambool licence area.


i meant that is still broadcasting on am instead of fm


That’s what I meant. :slight_smile:
3CS & 3HA, along with 3SH, 2QN, 2AY & Gold 1242, will remain on the AM band.


I’m really surprised the 7SD AM transmission is going to be kept. Despite the Scottsdale licence area encompassing pretty much all of NE Tas and Flinders Island the coverage is actually very poor.

I would be surprised if the residents of Flinders Island can receive reliable reception as 7SD suffers bad co-channel with 531 3GG (Gippsland?) at night time near the Tasmanian north cost.

There’s also near zero chance of reception in St Helens or further down the coast any time of day… anywhere past the small townships of Gladstone and Moorina you can kiss the signal goodbye.

From memory the transmitter is 5kw. It sits in a paddock just outside of Scottsdale. It’s a dual mast setup so one would be the reflector, most likely the one closest to Bass Strait.


3YB is still on 882 as of 10:33AM. Tony Jones just came on with an announcement about the switchover.


Switchover is midday


its 12pm that 3yb goes to fm


Capture some Final Moments of 3YB on 882AM?


I was going to but didn’t realise until it was 12:02.

Switch over pretty much happened on time.


I heard it. 2 mins of ‘the switch is coming’ telling people to switch for what station they want. Then Jon and Kate burst on the air with celebrations, played New Sensation by INXS.

Looking at their schedule, surely they should be dropping the talk stuff now, so out of place. They’d be better aligned to a Bay FM / Gold 104.3 format.


Yep, no history of 3YB. Nothing to acknowledge the 87 years (actually it’s more I think but that’s what the article said) of AM broadcasting. No old audio clips. No anything on 882 apart from an extremely annoying “you have two minutes to tune to 94.5” countdown which obviously went on both the AM and FM outlets.

Disappointing. But no one (apart from people here) cares about media history these days.


Of Course they will, Second Song On 94.5 is Starship’s Nothing’s gonna Stop is Now, although I don’t like the song, but it has a Good Reputation That 3YB FM is going up from there.


I am still a bit confused about the agreement to swap 3YB and RPH.

It was mentioned that 3YB FM on 94.5 will have the same coverage as Coast FM (95.3) currently has but looking at the ACMA handbook it looks like Coast FM is licensed for 20kw ERP whereas the former 3RPH was only 5kw.

3RPH 94.5 Community M DA 5k -38 18 17 142 44 15 1157809
3YFM 95.3 Commercial M DA 20k -38 18 17 142 44 15 10093184

Does the power output now change for 94.5?

Also for those playing along at home, here is the former 3YB entry from the handbook. Only 2kw but obviously AM radio has different ERP coverage characteristics when compared with FM.

3YB 882 Commercial V DA 2k -38 14 26 142 36 49 10266290

This was taken from the April 2018 handbook, no doubt an updated version will have the call signs swapped for 882 and 94.5.





Movin’ on up by M People is the First 90’s Song played on 3YB FM, Breaking free from the 882 Frequency which Vision Australia now has.


Could it be more cliched than that? That’s right, it’s Ace.

Well written, clearly the company itself doesn’t have an interest. For a family owned company, you’d expect better. Ace are so top heavy with management yet no one thought to do so.


Totally agree, so cliched. Yes and quite pathetic not to include some history of the station at least.