Am To Fm Conversions In Solo Markets


I guess this is in a Tasmanian context? Where was the previous AM mast demo in Tas?


Sorry, just saw this one. Not sure where the last one was. May have been talking about the tower on Mt Wellington which has been in the news a bit this week.

As for the 7AD and 7BU conversions, have been checking both frequencies at times and still haven’t heard anything on either of them.


Why has it been in the news this week?


This was due to the ABC News website having an article about Mt Wellington’s Broadcast Tower as part of their Curious Hobart section.


No real reason, just a story from ABC Hobart. A couple of posts in this thread in the past couple of days.


the conversion of 7BU & 7AD have been delayed by 2 or more weeks. So won’t be until mid to late March (according to the station when I emailed them).


Yes, I noticed on their websites that the countdown to the conversion has been extended by 3 weeks.


Reminds me of the launch of DAB radio in 2009 which was postponed about half a dozen times from memory (at least for Sydney).

Has it really been a decade?

Digital Radio

Where did that time go? I was at the official digital radio launch in Martin Place in August 2009 when nearly all the commercial stations had an OB there.


Correct. I have a link or two to it here:


According to posts on 7AD & 7BU’s Facebook pages responding to listeners re AM-FM conversion, their FM frequencies will be switched on early next week, with their AM frequencies to be switched off by the end of this month. The reason for the slight delay was due to parts not arriving on time.


Still nothing on 98.9 today, I saw one of the 7AD cars yesterday which has the new frequency on the logo.


Looks like 7BU listed for official FM switch-on for Fri 22nd March (from count-down clock on their website).


7AD has started testing sometime after lunch today. Am also getting something on the 7BU frequency but it’s patchy currently in Devonport so not sure if it’s something else. It was playing different to 7AD and had Hughesy, Tim and Kate.


I think the 100.9 I’m receiving is H!T 100.9 from Hobart.


That’s good!

Is the sound quality on 7AD FM good?


Yeah, definitely noticed the difference to AM as expected. He was stressing that it was a trial currently but was telling people to tune in for the 5 at 5 to experience the true difference in sound.


The 2018-22 FYSO progress update has been released, which contains the details the latest on what’s happening on the AM-FM conversion:

Key points:

  • Scottsdale (7SD) expected to finalise between April & July once agreement is reached with the licensee about the continuation of AM transmission.

  • Lithgow (2LT) will not be consulted before June 30, in which it will be restored to workplan when licensee agrees to transmitter specifications.

  • Consultations for Bega (2EC) & Cooma (2XL) will proceed by the end of this month. It, along with Goulburn (2GN), had been delayed due to the complexity of flow-on changes required to existing services.

  • 2GN is pending necessary third-party agreement for a frequency change. If agreement is reached, consultation would occur between April & July.

  • Nowra (2ST) had been delayed, as ACMA has not accepted the licensee’s proposed transmitter specifications on engineering grounds. It’s unlikely that a new proposal would be submitted & approved before July-September.


Still holding a gun to the head of Midwest Broadcasters, licensee agreeing to transmitter specifications sounds quite the ultimatum.

2BS signal is great in Lithgow, should be no reason against reciprocal coverage in Bathurst.


I can see why Mid West Radio are playing hard ball with ACMA, considering Bathurst Broadcasters and Mid West Radio’s transmission sites are so close to each other, and both border the coverage area of the adjacent licence area.

Yet ACMA approved 2BS Fm to operate at 5KW towards Lithgow where they are most likely enforcing the 1KW towards Bathurst for the proposed 2LT Fm conversion.

ACMA need to compromise and allow 2LT and Move Fm to broadcast at 5KW towards Bathurst. The 1KW directional Move Fm service from Mt Lambie still gets into Bathurst quite well though.