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Built to Survive has won the Kids: Factual & Entertainment category in the 2023 International Emmy Awards.

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Planet Lulin

From 1 January 5:00 pm

Lulin wasn’t expecting to get alien powers or have intergalactic invaders crash the school science omp, but hey, grade six always has a few surprises!

Twelve-year-old LULIN (Nina Gallas) has a human dad and an Astoradian extra-terrestrial mum – and she’s just learnt how to blast energy waves out of her fingers! Sweet!

Unfortunately, her astrawaves have been tracked by Megaheads; intergalactic invaders in the form of little girls, who are hunting down Astoradians and banishing them to the Void! Less sweet! Not that Lulin has any idea.

She’s too busy trying to win SCI-BOG; the school science comp, with her pals HENRI (Uma Dumais) and SPIDER (Max Turner), all the while dealing with her other extra-terrestrial growing changes. Scorch marks! Wonky astrawaves! Magnetism! Slime!

Lulin’s dad, KEN (Kevin Hofbauer), and her extra-terrestrial nanna, EZME (Lisa McCune), want to help, but as Lulin’s the first human-Astoradian, no one knows what to expect. Not even the super intelligent (and super grumpy) retired Megahead invader, BESTRO (Cassie Robb), who lives in the attic.

It’s not long before Lulin’s strange behaviour catches the attention of seemingly perfect VERJONICA (Carlee Clements), rival SCI-BOGGER. Verjonica vows to discover Lulin’s secret, whatever it takes. Looks like Lulin will need to master her growing powers, protect her extra-terrestrial truth, win SCI-BOG and escape the Megaheads all at once. No pressure!

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Is Planet Lulin an Australian show?

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Looks like it


Cheers. I wasn’t sure because the title sounded like something from overseas.

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