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Built to Survive has won the Kids: Factual & Entertainment category in the 2023 International Emmy Awards.

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Planet Lulin

From 1 January 5:00 pm

Lulin wasn’t expecting to get alien powers or have intergalactic invaders crash the school science omp, but hey, grade six always has a few surprises!

Twelve-year-old LULIN (Nina Gallas) has a human dad and an Astoradian extra-terrestrial mum – and she’s just learnt how to blast energy waves out of her fingers! Sweet!

Unfortunately, her astrawaves have been tracked by Megaheads; intergalactic invaders in the form of little girls, who are hunting down Astoradians and banishing them to the Void! Less sweet! Not that Lulin has any idea.

She’s too busy trying to win SCI-BOG; the school science comp, with her pals HENRI (Uma Dumais) and SPIDER (Max Turner), all the while dealing with her other extra-terrestrial growing changes. Scorch marks! Wonky astrawaves! Magnetism! Slime!

Lulin’s dad, KEN (Kevin Hofbauer), and her extra-terrestrial nanna, EZME (Lisa McCune), want to help, but as Lulin’s the first human-Astoradian, no one knows what to expect. Not even the super intelligent (and super grumpy) retired Megahead invader, BESTRO (Cassie Robb), who lives in the attic.

It’s not long before Lulin’s strange behaviour catches the attention of seemingly perfect VERJONICA (Carlee Clements), rival SCI-BOGGER. Verjonica vows to discover Lulin’s secret, whatever it takes. Looks like Lulin will need to master her growing powers, protect her extra-terrestrial truth, win SCI-BOG and escape the Megaheads all at once. No pressure!

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Is Planet Lulin an Australian show?

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Looks like it


Cheers. I wasn’t sure because the title sounded like something from overseas.

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Screen Australia has provided production funding for season 2 of Spooky Files.

10 x 24 mins
Tony Ayres Productions and Megaboom Pictures
Genre Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Science fiction
Writers Guy Edmonds, Matt Zeremes, Marisa Nanakhorn Brown, Emma Gordon, Clem Bastow, Alexander Andreotti, Tim Williams
Producer Paul Watters
Executive Producers Tony Ayres, Andrea Denholm
Broadcaster ABC and BBC
International Sales NBCUniversal Global Distribution
Synopsis Spooky Files Season 2 continues the adventure-filled, fun and spooky monster of the week series with buckets of scares and buttloads of laughs, from the makers of hit shows Hardball and Nowhere Boys.

In this second iteration of the popular ABC and BBC series, the funny and spooky adventure continues. After closing a portal to a spooky dimension in season 1, the Spooky Crew has their work cut out for them when the portal reopens six months later in Season 2. They must regroup to save their town from Spooky mayhem yet again, whilst learning there’s a big difference between the fears that keep you safe and the ones that hold you back.

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The channel should be 24/7 running classic kids content at night for 80s/90s kids

I know these fantasy shows are often over the top but the overacting by the kids in this show is beyond what I’ve see on other Australian children’s shows.

Are they being directed to act like the precocious kids you see on Disney or Nickelodeon shows? They could learn a lot from the adult actors in the show who don’t resort to overacting, even when the material is way over the top ridiculous.


ABC ME will end in June to be replaced by ABC Entertains with comedy and entertainment. Although there are children’s titles in the morning, there will be more adult offerings across the day.


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ABC Entertains

ABC Entertains is your destination for entertaining programming, delivering world-class Australian and international entertainment, drama, comedy, lifestyle, and movies. It builds on the ABC’s extensive catalogue of comedy and entertainment. In the mornings, ABC Entertains will feature animations for primary school kids and school-age educational programming such as Behind the News.

More information

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Spooky Files in production for Season 2

Cameras are rolling on the second season of popular ABC and BBC kids comedy adventure, Spooky Files. After sending all the Spookies home and closing the portal to a spooky dimension in season one, the Spooky Crew thought their Spooky hunting days were over. But when an old Spooky friend turns up, and then a bunch of other Spookies start appearing, the Crew has their work cut out for them. Not only do they have to defend Sunny Valley from Spooky mayhem – they need to figure out how to keep the Spookies safe, and why they are refusing to go home.

Production Credits:

Tony Ayres Productions (TAP) and Megaboom Pictures production co-commissioned for ABC ME and CBBC(UK). Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with the ABC. Financed with support from VicScreen and BBC. NBCUniversal Global Distribution will manage international sales. TAP is part of Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group.

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Good to see there’s a set date for this rebranding. And that they’re advertising it.

The current situation (adult viewing after 7.30pm on “ABC2”) is fine to an extent. I feel having an all day viewing of adult content on a ABC’s secondary channel a good idea too. ABC Kids is a massive brand, so i understand why they’re not moving that to this channel.


Would’ve thought they’d have at least put the channel number on the promo? Given it says “new channel” but it’s just replacing ME.



ABC Entertains, which replaces ABC ME, will build on the ABC’s extensive catalogue of comedy and entertainment. It will be the home of the Australian TV premiere of season 2 of the hit supernatural revealing Louis Theroux Interviews.

Friday movie nights are also back with Focus, How to be Single, Gravity, Must Love Dogs and Beowulf with superhero fans able to enjoy Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans and the classic Superman film series starring Christopher Reeve and many more. In the mornings, it will feature programs for primary school kids and school-age educational programming such as Behind the News.

First week of programs.

Week commencing 2 June 2024

Monday 3 June
7:30pm Would I Lie To You?: Alex Jones, Alexander Armstrong, Chris Tarrant, Mel Giedroyc Rpt
8:00pm Would I Lie To You?: Kate Humble, Miles Jupp, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Richard Madeley Rpt
8:30pm MythBusters: Killer Carptastrophe
9:20pm Penn And Teller: Fool Us: The Bill-in-Penn’s-Head Trick
10:00pm ER: 24 Hours Rpt
11:30pm ER: Day One
12:15am rage

Tuesday 4 June
7:30pm Would I Lie To You? Rpt
8:00pm Would I Lie To You? Rpt
8:30pm The Cleaner: The Widow ABC Linear Premiere
9:00pm Changing Ends: Kick Off Rpt
9:25pm Portlandia: Portland Secedes Rpt
9:45pm Portlandia: Ants Rpt
10:05pm ER: Going Home
10:55pm ER: Hit and Run
11:40pm rage

Wednesday 5 June
6:10pm Car S.O.S: The Fiat Fiasco
7:00pm My Family: Droit De Seigneur Ben Rpt
7:30pm Would I Lie To You?: John Bishop, Joanna Page, Chris Addison & Patsy Palmer Rpt
8:00pm Would I Lie To You?: Rhod Gilbert, Miranda Hart, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall & Rufus Rpt Hound
8:30pm Wreck ABC Linear Season 2 Premiere
9:15pm Wreck
10:05pm ER: Into That Good Night
10:50pm ER: Chicago Heat
11:30pm rage

Thursday 6 June
6:10pm Car S.O.S: Anglia Angels
7:00pm My Family: The Last Resort
7:30pm Would I Lie To You?: Christine Bleakley, Frankie Boyle, Kelvin Mackenzie, Jack Whitehall Rpt
8:00pm Would I Lie To You?: Omid Djalili, Dave Gorman, Davina McCall, Janet Street- Porter Rpt
8:30pm Hard Quiz Rpt
9:00pm Gruen Rpt
9:35pm Tomorrow Tonight: Living Longer Rpt
10:05pm ER: Another Perfect Day
10:50pm ER: 9 1/2 Hours
11:30pm rage

Friday 7 June
6:10pm Car S.O.S: The Rover’s Return
7:00pm My Family: Farewell To Alarms Rpt
7:30pm Would I Lie To You?: Chizzy Akudolu, Simon Gregson, Michelle Visage and Henning Wehn Rpt
8:00pm Would I Lie To You?: Shirley Ballas, Steven Bartlett, Josie Gibson and Chris McCausland Rpt
8:30pm Ride Like A Girl ABC Linear Premiere
10:05pm ER: ER Confidential
10:50pm ER: Blizzard
11:35pm rage

Saturday 8 June
12:20pm J. Edgar ABC Linear Premiere

6:10pm Car S.O.S: Triumph of the Stag
7:00pm Would I Lie To You?: Nadiya Hussain, Diane Morgan, Bob Mortimer & Michael Smiley Rpt
7:30pm Would I Lie To You?: Mel Giedroyc, David Haye, Martin Kemp & Romesh Ranganathan Rpt
8:00pm QI: Public and Private Rpt
8:30pm Live At The Apollo
9:15pm Absolutely Fabulous: Fashion Rpt
9:45pm Absolutely Fabulous: Fat Rpt
10:15pm Absolutely Fabulous: A Week In Provence Rpt
10:45pm ER: The Gift
11:30pm ER: Happy New Year
12:15am rage

The Cleaner


Tuesday 4 June 8.30pm

It’s the cops’ job to clean up the city, but it’s Wicky’s job to clean up the crime scenes. BAFTA-winner Greg Davies writes and stars in a truly arresting comedy.

Wicky is a crime scene cleaner. When the detectives are done, he moves in, armed with his bleach and scrubbing brushes. His job brings him into contact with the strangest people: those who knew the victims, and sometimes even the killers themselves.

But because he’s a chatty man, he tends to gossip rather more than he cleans. Starring Greg Davies and Helena Bonham Carter.

Professional crime scene cleaner Wicky (Greg Davies) has headed to the suburbs to mop up after a particularly grizzly murder: your classic 'housewife finally snaps’ stabbing-based incident.

It’s a pretty standard Wednesday for Wicky, who is working with great speed to finish in time to make it to his favourite curry night at the local. If only he would stop being interrupted by people unexpectedly dropping in on the crime scene. Including a mysterious, heavily armed woman (Helena Bonham Carter).

Production credit: A Studio Hamburg UK production

Wreck - Season 2


Wednesday 5 June 8.30pm; double episode

Jamie and his misfit friends are now on the run. It’s do or die as they infiltrate a mysterious wellness festival. But it’s going to be the total opposite of a healing experience. Double episodes every Wednesday.

Season 2 of the British comedy horror television series…Jamie and his misfit friends are now on the run. It’s do or die as they infiltrate a mysterious wellness festival. But it’s going to be the total opposite of a healing experience.

Episode 1
Back on land, Jamie and Vivian are fighting hard to expose Velorum. But the walls are closing in, and they’re forced to take desperate measures. In a deadly gamble, they set their sights on Velorum’s newest venture – an exclusive ‘wellness’ festival in Slovenia.

Episode 2
A bombshell reunion separates Jamie from his friends and puts him in grave danger, while the rest of the gang get to grips with the eccentric festival. Soon, everyone finds themselves drawn into an unwanted encounter with an old foe.

Production credit: A Euston Films Productions.

They finally wore out their Spicks And Specks tapes :grin: i mean some of those episodes were old enough to vote.


Spicks had been the 7.30 staple for many many years. They actually replaced it with Would I Lie To You in recent weeks. Finally.

Good to have The Cleaner in the schedule…

I’m surprised to see ER in the schedule though. But at least they’re starting from Season One, and not air them randomly.