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Yeah. I agree with that. The Chaser would appeal to audiences 40 years and above. The younger viewers would probably balk at that style of satire too.

The big problem is that when they do specifically target a younger audience, the shows they create don’t seem to be attractive to those audiences and neither to the older ones, so they quickly flop.

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To stick with the Chaser theme, how long did they let it run at 9:45 on a Friday night before it properly took off? We all know you need to invest and give things time wear out any kinks. 4-6 episodes here and there is nothing to 1) build an audience around and 2) let the writers, actors, etc to really come into their own.

There does seem to be a big disconnect between the really successful comedians at the Melbourne comedy festival and the comedies that then get made by the ABC. Back in the 2000s there was a lot of overlap.

I’d much rather an ABC that takes risks in its commissioning than playing it safe with another filler series of Gruen.

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I think generally, they do take risks and create a lot of new content. But also need to cater for the audience they already have. If people are still watching Gruen and they’re asking for more, then why not keep making it?

It’s a different story with Q+A though. The ratings there are dire and it should be put out of its misery. That’s where they need a new idea/concept.


I’d love to see The Chasers War on Everything return. One of my all-time favourite shows.
It definitely wouldn’t survive nowadays though.

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War on Everything was on Fridays for its 2006 season and it might have been the Cronulla Sharks incident that may have been the thing that got people to watch the show since that was the really big controversy from that year they were involved with. Then when it came back the next year it was given its really nice primetime slot on Wednesdays.

Look at how much controversy they created in the late 00s they’d get slaughtered in the current climate more so than they did 15 years

And the members of The Chaser are now pushing 50, they are not the edgy comics they were 20 years ago.

It appears that’s the thinking behind Question Everything where it tries out less media experienced comedians, and ABC was sort of on the right track with Tonightly but then it got axed.

But the fact that they’ve got Micallef coming back, plus more The Weekly/Gruen/Spicks And Specks, indicates that there is no big investment in the next generation of comedians or comedy shows, just sticking with what are now heritage brands.

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Australian creators of scripted drama completely shunned by Australia’s national broadcaster. The commissioned shows all follow-ups to existing IP or spinoffs of existing IP (some, overseas IP which is even sadder). Imagine if we invested in Australian talent to create new IP?! Imagine. Then we could sell those shows around the world rather than just putting our hands up saying “us too, us too!” and relying on what has come before. Sadly, “imagine” is all we can do because now it’s not just the commercial networks “playing it safe” it’s the ABC as well. What a dire day.


I know others will disagree, but I don’t think there’s been a decent crack at new comedy since At Home Alone Together.


There are a lot of millennials in their 30s and 40s that the chaser would appeal to but the problem is the ABC is way too conservative in their approach, and this is due to the current and previous leadership IMO.

The Chaser could be smart with how they approach a new series considering today’s politically-correct climate, so it wouldn’t necessarily be similar content to what they had with The War On Everything. The Hamster Wheel was good, CNNNN too.

There is virtually nothing on the ABC for millennials during prime time. Spicks and Specks and QI does not cater for everyone, they need to broaden their appeal. Penn & Teller was good, but they buried it at 9:30pm on a Thursday which is just bizarre.

Question Everything is still the strangest example of the current ABC to me. Imagine if 10 had put Tom Gleisner on The Cheap Seats alongside Mel. Having Wil Anderson on two very similar panel shows is just about as stale and safe as it gets, and even though I like Wil I couldn’t keep watching it because it just feels like they have no confidence in letting new people host.

The Chaser had its time, and as WTFAQ shows, I think a new show from the same old hosts would just be a diluted version of the show that was, by its nature, fresh and new.



ABC announces TV adaptation of Shaun Tan’s Tales From Outer Suburbia

Adapted from the bestselling illustrated book of the same name, ABC, Screen Australia and Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) are delighted to announce Tales From Outer Suburbia, a 10 x 22-minute animated series is heading into production with leading Australian animation studio Flying Bark Productions in collaboration with Highly Spirited.

Director Noel Cleary will lead a stunning recreation of the world established in the internationally acclaimed novel, with a cutting-edge CGI animation and handcrafted stop-motion look and feel. Shaun Tan will oversee the series as Creative Director, with Sophie Byrne (Highly Spirited) and Alexia Gates-Foale (Flying Bark) as Producers.

The series begins when ‘almost thirteen-year-old’ Klara and her six-year-old brother Pim move to Outer Suburbia with their newly single mother Lucy. The siblings’ summer holiday turns into a series of unexpected and surreal adventures. The family goes on a roller-coaster ride of emotion, encountering weird and miraculous phenomena as they adapt to their new reality.

On the direction of the series, Tan says: *“*Sometimes it takes a truly strange event to reveal how we feel about our place in the world, and what things we care about most deeply. With Tales From Outer Suburbia, we hope to awaken that fantastic realisation that fiction and reality are never very far from one another, that there is really no such thing as ‘normal life’.”

The series was developed by the ACTF during COVID and is commencing production at Flying Bark in New South Wales and at Siamese in Western Australia.

Libbie Doherty, Head of ABC Children & Family said: “The minute Tales From Outer Suburbia was presented to us we knew we had to get on board with Shaun and this excellent team. Shaun’s unique take on Australian life strikes a chord in all of us with evocative imagery and powerful storytelling. This adaptation will be iconic. A landmark TV series that will create long lasting memories for young audiences and their families. We are so thankful to all our partners – the ACTF, Screen Australia and Screenwest who continue to get behind Australian Children’s Content.”

Bernadette O’Mahony, ACTF Head of Content said: “We are excited to have Tales From Outer Suburbia go into production after extensive development. It takes a lot of committed, like-minded partners to turn such a visually stunning book into something just as special on screen. We can’t wait for the world to see Shaun Tan’s vision come to life with this talented team.”

Grainne Brunsdon, Screen Australia Head of Content said: "The rich and surreal world of Tales From Outer Suburbia, based on the hugely popular book by Shaun Tan, with scripts from Lally Katz and Sam Carroll, and hyper-real animation created by Flying Bark, is sure to delight viewers of all ages. Entertaining and thought-provoking, this series will remind us that fiction and reality are closer than we think.”

Alexia Gates-Foale (Flying Bark) and Sophie Byrne (Highly Spirited) said: “Shaun Tan’s anthology stories have a unique way of portraying modern suburban existence in an enchanting and sophisticated way, and it will be a joy to reimagine them for a broader audience. From an enormous water buffalo in an empty lot, to humans with cat-like features, the true story of each episode is how ordinary people react to these extraordinary incidents. We are thrilled to see these stories realised on the ABC.”

Production credit:

Tales From Outer Suburbia is a Highly Spirited and Flying Bark Productions production for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation in association with the ABC. Produced in New South Wales and Western Australia with Siamese and financed with support from Screenwest. International sales by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation. Adapted from Shaun Tan’s multi-award-winning book Tales From Outer Suburbia. Directed by Noel Cleary. Creative Director: Shaun Tan. Writers: Sam Carroll and Lally Katz. Producers: Sophie Byrne and Alexia Gates -Foale. Executive Producers: Barbara Stephen, Bernadette O’Mahony, Julia Adams, Francesca Hope and ABC Executive Producers: Libbie Doherty, Jo Boag.

Kangaroo Beach returns for a third series


Pack your sunnies, thongs and ten bottles of sunscreen, we’re going back to the beach for a brand-new summer of fun with our favourite lifeguard cadets!

ABC and Screen Australia are thrilled to announce that a third series of Kangaroo Beach has been greenlit, promising more action-packed adventures from Australia’s favourite young cadets.​

Since splashing onto screens across Australia in 2020, this water-safe series became a smash hit with its young audience and families, securing itself as the second most-watched ABC Kids series on ABC iview.​

After producing two seasons in NSW, Cheeky Little Media (Ginger & the Vegesaurs, Kazoops) have teamed up with WA production company, Siamese (100% Wolf) and Screenwest to co-produce the new season.

Season 3 will be produced across both states, with some key cast being played by WA voices and a new location inspired by the Western Australia landscape.​

The new series will see the cadets returning for another summer stacked with fun, adventure and friendship. With two seasons of training under their belt, we’ll see the lifeguard cadets take on new challenges and responsibilities, sharing their learnings with the younger (and much cheekier) ‘Junior, Junior’ cadets.​

They’ll spend more time under the sea, scuba diving around the beautiful reef, as well as up in the mountains in a spectacular new lake location that is surrounded by gum trees and connected via a long and bendy river through the bush to Kangaroo Beach. While our cadets are well versed in surf beach safety, they’re unfamiliar with inland waterways and have loads to learn, so there will be plenty of new adventure in store.​

We’ll also meet Spyke, a young adventurous Echidna. Spyke may be a bit younger than the cadets, but her personality packs a punch! As Kangaroo Beach’s freshest cadet recruit, she’s got a lot to learn about water safety — if she’ll listen. She’s also got lots of bush knowledge to share with her new friends.​​

Libbie Doherty, Head of ABC Children & Family said: “The Kangaroo Beach cadets welcome Spyke the echidna into the team, who will stretch their boundaries with her daredevil antics. Summer is always full throttle on Kangaroo Beach and this season won’t disappoint. Thank you to Cheeky Little Media and Tim Bain for this quintessential Australian series. We’re also welcoming on board Siamese, bringing their animation expertise from WA. We are also grateful to our brilliant financing partners the ACTF, Screen Australia, Screen West and Create NSW for supporting this 100% Australian production.”​

Christopher Sharp, Screen Australia Head of Scripted said: “We are thrilled to support the third season of Kangaroo Beach, a series that has captured the hearts of kids nationwide. With its fun, action-packed and educational storylines, Kangaroo Beach is a testament to the creativity and talent within the Australian children’s television industry.”​

Rikki Lea Bestall, Screenwest CEO said: "It’s wonderful to see such a beloved children’s series hop over to Western Australia! Kangaroo Beach is set to create a slew of opportunities for talented local practitioners working across a range of different departments including storyboarding, animation and post-sound; and we can’t wait to see our diverse landscapes reflected in this season’s animated world."​

Celine Goetz, Producer, Cheeky Little Media said: “We can’t wait to dive into production on Season three. There is so much for the audience to get excited about with this new series, a stunning new lake location, a plucky new cadet in training and of course, all of the ingredients that we know our fans love – action, comedy and tonnes of heart.”

Production Credits**:** Kangaroo Beach Series 3 is a Cheeky Little Media production for ABC, produced in association with Siamese. Major production investment from the ABC in association with Screen Australia and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF). Financed with support from Screenwest, Lotterywest and Surf Life Saving Australia. International sales by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) and Infinite Frameworks. Post, digital and visual effects supported by Screen NSW. Developed with the assistance of the ABC. Cheeky Little Commercial continues as the global brand manager.

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Launch into 2024 with ABC


ABC is kicking off 2024 with premium, first run shows, guaranteed to entertain and inspire the whole family. With more depth and breadth of programming across all genres for all ages, Australians can rely on ABC and ABC iview for free and ad free content, throughout January and beyond.

ABC Head of Programming, Acquisitions and Streaming Roberta Allan says “We are incredibly excited about our content plans next year, and we will have no delay in delivering them, with big launches starting from January 1st right off the back of our amazing New Years Eve coverage. We have content launches from every genre, new and returning commissions and international acquisitions, there is something for everyone.”

Audiences can escape the heat and immerse themselves in the award-winning new season of political drama Total Control, starring screen legends Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths. For home improvement inspiration join hosts Anthony Burke and Yasmine Ghoniem in Grand Designs Transformations and the whole family can get behind their favourite Border Collie pups in the new season of the smash hit series Muster Dogs.

Heather Ewart returns shining a spotlight on the towns and people from across the country in Back Roads and sport fans can take a behind the scenes look at Australia’s famous tennis tournament, in Australia’s Open. While our younger viewers will enjoy extraterrestrial fun with the new live action series Planet Lulin and enjoy the soothing sounds of Ninganah Lullaby.

From January 1, dropping on ABC iview, is a terrific mix of shows to complement ABC iview’s existing library of impressive acquisitions including, the Australian premiere of Best Interests. Starring two of the UK’s most popular actors Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe, Bad Sisters) and Michael Sheen (Good Omens) this critically acclaimed drama centres around a family who face a choice no parent wants to make. Chatty man, comedian Alan Carr stars in the semi-autobiographical, very funny comedy series Changing Ends and Sir Paul McCartney teams up with music producer Rick Rubin to discuss McCartney’s extensive body of work in McCartney 1,2,3. ABC will also be home to the Australian premiere of the blue chip, natural history series Earth. Narrated by Chris Packham, this epic series delves into the 4.5 billion year story of our home.

ABC and ABC iview has summer covered.

Launch dates

Monday 1 January

· Changing Ends Binge on ABC iview / ABC TV premiere Wednesday 3 January at 9.00pm

· Best Interests Binge on ABC iview / ABC TV premiere on Sunday 14 January at 9.30pm

· McCartney 1,2,3 Binge on ABC iview / ABC TV premiere on Tuesday 16 January at 8.30pm

· Planet Lulin Binge on ABC iview and premieres 5pm on ABC ME

Thursday 4 January

· Grand Design Transformations Premieres at 8pm ABC iview/ ABC TV

Tuesday 9 January

· Back Roads Premieres at 8pm ABC iview / ABC TV

· Australia’s Open Binge on ABC iview / ABC TV premieres at 8.30pm

Sunday 14 January

· Muster Dogs series 2 Binge on ABC iview / ABC TV premieres at 7.30pm

· Total Control series 3 Premieres at 8.30pm ABC iview / ABC TV

Monday 15 January

· Ninganah Lullaby Premieres at 7.25pm ABC iview / ABC Kids

Tuesday 23 January

· Earth Premieres at 8.30pm ABC iview / ABC TV


Earth is a 5-part documentary with the episode titles Inferno, Snowball, Green, Atmosphere, Human. It premiered in the UK in July this year.

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New series funding announced by Screen Australia includes

The Kimberley :

A 3 x 58-minute series for the ABC covering the land that defies time – a 400,000 square kilometre stretch in the North-Western corner of Australia containing sprawling savannas, towering gorges, rivers, tropical coastlines and desert. This natural history series captures never-before-seen animal sequences as it explores a year in the lives of the unique wildlife that calls the Kimberley home, and follows the missions of the Aboriginal custodians and passionate experts working to save the incredible biodiversity of the region. From the team behind Australia’s Wild Odyssey, The Kimberley is directed, written and produced by Nick Robinson, written and produced by Peta Ayers and produced by Electra Manikakis, with Mark Coles Smith of Keeping Hope and Mystery Road: Origin also writing and producing. It is financed with support from the ABC. The series will also broadcast internationally on Love Nature and Arte. Blue Ant Studios will manage international sales.

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Not sure about these new names ABC Family nd ABC Entertains for ABC TV Plus and ABC ME.

ABC Family is already a cable channel in America and Entertain is by ITV Studios from Britain which is now availableon Fetch.