10 All Access

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Have you got it yet?


I’m waiting until the new year.


Do you get a staff discount?


Waiting for better content? :wink:


I hope there is a Samsung TV app before that better content arrives.


I was able to download the new Entertainment Tonight Live app and watch the live stream and it showed all of the CBS ads as well (not commercials) so I can’t see why 10 wouldn’t have added this live stream to the app as well as CBSN?

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why would I? I’m not staff.


Ok. In that case I have totally misunderstood the perspective of all of your comments on Mediaspy.


No, he does not work for 10 All Access, pretty self-explanatory?


Knowing people is very different to employment.


No. His own explaination was better.


Here was my response about the missing 2 eps of 90210

Thank you for contacting CBS All Access. We understand how frustrating it is to miss your favorite show. However, due to licensing restrictions, CBS All Access only retains rights to the episodes of this show within the currently airing season. Once a new season of this show begins, our rights to the previous season expires.

In the meantime, previous episodes are available via Amazon for Prime members. Thanks for understanding!


Lol what the actual fuck. 90210 ended a few years back now. And promoting another service? What is wrong with 10?


Is 10 paying for these placements? :grinning:


Doubt it, most have come from their own sites.


That is a pathetic response.


I went to cancel (as did someone else on another forum ) and this comes up

So I took it and now have another month free, so they must really be wanting people not to cancel .

All I did was click “Cancel subscription”.

Also by the way "No Activity " is on STAN lol and Bull isn’t even on the Aussie service.


there’s an American version as well.


Yeah but the American one is on Stan though as is the Aussie one

Also got an email from 10 play says to get 2 months free enter the code GETSTREAMING. Expires 31/12


I subscribed via Google Play. I emailed 10 All Access to ask them how I can get the free extra month, and they said I can’t. They told me that to get it I have to cancel my subscription through Google Play and subscribe again on the website.