10 All Access

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I’ve just started watching One Dollar and really like it so far, great show that doesn’t feel very CBS like most of their other shows.

There’s a 10 All Access original titlecard being shown at the beginning of the episode, however there was a CBS All Access promo at the end saying new eps available every Thursday etc.

More inconsistencies for local viewers.


It might’ve been easier if they’d just used the CBS All Access brand.


Was thinking that.

It also might’ve helped from an advertising perspective if they wanted to cross promote the platform on the other commercial networks.

I can’t see 7 or 9 allowing them to buy ad space to promote it, like 9/Fairfax do now with Stan appearing on 10 etc.


And for all the work they are putting into it, 10 is still a weak/damaged brand in many Australian households. There are a lot of people out there who don’t watch 10 at all and I suspect many of them will never even give All Access a chance.


Quite annoying how auto play on the desktop cannot be turned off. Have fallen asleep to find it has played through 3 episodes. Also cannot make a list of shows .


Well that just sounds sad. Maybe you need a nanna nap in the afternoons. :wink:


The content on CBS/10 All Access is so exciting!


Apparently though, Autoplay cannot be turned off on any devices, very odd. You would think they would give the option to turn it off.


One more reason to not give CBS money.


Anyone else reckon the NCIS content at Ten is an overload? It already has been overly prominant for a long time. It popular no doubt and I am a long time fan, but it’s literally eveywhere, if they could just rest it at times or focus on other content too.


What’s that got to do with All Access? How’s that any different to TBBT which airs far more frequently imo. Nobody is forcing anyone to watch it, if it’s rating alright on 10 Boss etc then I’m not sure it’s necessarily an overload.


What a joke Everybody Hates Chris Season 1, Episode 1,5,6,7,9,10,11,13,16,18,20,21 and 22 are missing.

Hawaii five -o has episodes missing in a few seasons too. Classic H50.episodes 1 4,7,9 and 10 of Season 11 of Hawaii five o classic missing

Only the first 6 eps of The 4400 what the heck??

I reported it to them via



So they should rename to 10 Part Access


So you want everyone to also throw out their box sets? I am very confused by this comment.


For some reason no mention of 10 All Access on TV Tonight.


I think 10 publicity had a falling out with the website editor?



He should be trying to mend bridges.

It is not a good look.


Makes it difficult or impossible if they don’t send him publicity material or photos to use.


From the TV Tonight newsletter:

TEN has sent no info on 10 All Access but at $9.99 for 3 original CBS titles it is probably just as well. Get back to me when The Twilight Zone starts.