10 All Access

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yeah, righto… I missed that one.



The only thing I’d consider watching on 10AA is The Twilight Zone but I can’t really justify $10/mth just for that. Hopefully they can develop a greater range of content including more classics


Silly question but does the service have movies?


Not yet, since CBS has their own movie distribution arm (not very big from what I can tell) they may look to add some at a later date if they’re not tied up locally elsewhere.


Promo that aired tonight:


Just saw it. Doesn’t mention the web address at all or available platforms or ways to stream :thinking:


Can’t say I’m a fan of the gloss on the 10 - makes the logo feel dated.


CBS All Access has limited original content, only slightly more than the 10 version, and only a handful of movies.

The library content however is much better on CBS AA and it has live TV and the Big Brother live streams when it is on CBS.


There was a pop up for the service shown during FBI tonight also, as well as a different shorter promo leading into the last ad break of the show.


Noticed they are also promoting it on both the ncis and Ncis la and probably the same on other CBS show facebook pages


Typing 10 All Access and or tenallaccess into google chrome and it doesn’t even link to the website ! If I typed “Netflix” or “Stan” or “Amazon Prime Video” the first search result is their website.

First result is the Tenplay site where you have to read through to find the link . I would have thought they would want it so it would come up with tenallaccess.com.au as the first search result.


Why no Roseanne? 10 has to get over their boycott, it’s a classic show. Reruns are back on TV Land and CMT in the States…


But it’s not a CBS show, is it? It’s an ABC show.


I’m getting the trial just for Everybody Hates Chris, my wife wanted to watch it last weekend and we checked all the streaming services around looking for it and I said we’ll have to wait for 10 All Access to see if it appears there so she’s now very happy.


From Variety:

Nevins indicated CBS would replace”The Big Bang Theory” with its spin-off, “Young Sheldon.” And he indicated the company would place new emphasis on All Access. “The 2019 offering will be way more robust than 2018,” Nevin said, vowing that “a ton more content” would be produced.


With Warner starting its own streaming service late next year I’m thinking Bing Bang and Sheldon will end up there.


$10 a month is too much for this.
They should have launched it at $4.99 and as the library grows increase the price.

I would have also ensured All Access had up to date episodes of all the content 10 air on their broadcast channel and fast track it, if you’re making people pay at least give them the latest and greatest.

Surprised there are not more shows from 10s past.

Hoping this doesn’t affect 10play too much into the future, would make sense to move shows from 10play to AllAccess once they expire but I hope episodes of their drama/reality/variety shows continue to be placed on play for a few months before expiring.


Email this morning says it’s from CBS All Access and comes from a CBS domain email address.

Also the main domain they’re using for most promotion is tenallaccess.com.au but 10allaccess.com.au is being used in some isntances but redirects to the other domain.

Lots of inconsistencies already.


Watching that promo, I noticed that all the video they used for The Good Fight was actually from episodes of The Good Wife :face_with_raised_eyebrow: