10 All Access

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It’s obvious 10 went the quiet launch for this service at the end of year, I think the content acquisition will increase over the year with more titles becoming available from a local and international perspective.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they were to announce a local original production for the service in the next 12 months or so either to make it more competitive and monetise the platform better.

The pricing is still grossly wrong for the current content offering however.


Hopefully you’re right, and they’re just testing the waters. There is no way, long term that this service will survive in its current state of offerings and price.


They might get more customers if they launched an app on the Telstra TV.

Also, after a month or so and the only shows added were A Million Little Things, 2 late night shows and a new CBS show Fam … that’s pretty poor for a service that is $10 a month.

I’ve decided to give Fam a go, watch the pilot and the second episode when it arrives.


How To Stay Married was added also.

Still not nearly enough.




And on Fetch.


And on Samsung TV’s.


New content added… don’t get too excited… only Ambulance Australia. Also they don’t even have a new content section.


Don’t they repeat that every week anyway?


Plus 1 for Samsung. We have all the Samsung apps installed and they’re terrific and easily accessible.


My subscription expires on the 3rd of February, got a second month free, will be cancelling. Have nearly finished in 2 months 5 seasons of 90210 and Life Unexpected, wanted to watch The 4400 , but they only have the first 6 episodes, and Everybody Hates Chris starts at ep 2.

I might come back at another point when Fam’s whole season is up , but for now my $10 is best spent elsewhere.


I’m very hesitant when it comes to joining subscription media, only have Netflix… so I’m not 100% across what’s on 10 All Access, was wondering what season’s of Neighbours are on the platform?


But you spent nothing on it. How do expect them to provide something better if everybody only gets it for free for two months and then cancels it?



Seasons 36 and 37.


Oh… thats a little disappointing. Was hoping for some old school episodes at least.