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The only thing different I notice is the font for the day and time in the promo and promo ender.



So assume it’ll start at 8.45? :joy::joy::joy:



Note that according to Wikipedia, the show ran from 1968 to 2003. Will Bruce prefer to air 80s episodes?




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What is the point of this? We know from previous WIN statements that they pay for 24/7 of the schedule from the network (in this case 10 Peach) regardless of WIN airs the full schedule or not.

WIN still has to pay 1- Peach’s regular programming, plus Culumb (no programming is free) plus promos must be made, listings updated…all this costs money.

So I’m tying to work out the benefit?



Particularly when it’s on a multi channel that typically only gets maybe a 3% share. If it was on the primary channel whereby the share is more like 15%, I could understand their thinking, but on Peach? No.



But really what would WIN have that they could programme better than DWTS etc. Ten has good programming - unfortunately they can’t attract the viewers. Nothing WIN substitutes it for worked do better.



I agree, but I wouldn’t put it beyond ol Brucie to try something like that, after all, he reckons he “knows a thing or two about programming” when he threatened to breakaway from Nine’s schedule when they had their affiliation dispute 4 or so years ago.



Are WIN (or any affiliate) obliged to take any specific programs from the network? Of course it makes little sense to pay for a network feed/program supply and not use it, but in theory could they opt out of any program or programs they wanted to? Is there a clause stating they must screen or must not time shift specific network content?

Although the legalities are totally different, I believe the American affiliates are obliged to take their network’s prime time schedule. In the UK, there was a huge legal case when STV in Scotland opted out of some of ITV’s flagship shows such as The Bill and Downton Abbey, and refused to pay for them - though, at the time, they weren’t an affiliate as such, just part of the network. Since they became an affiliate, they follow the ITV schedule much more closely.

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I know it’s for legal reasons but both 7 Tasmania and TDT9 have both chosen to change their schedules lately with regards to the Bob Chapple case. The way 9 wrote it about TDT was that they didn’t agree with their choice.

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With WIN, they have to consult with Ten prior to re-jigging the schedule. But most of the network schedule has to be simulcast particularly around primetime.

This might possibly be why WIN’s breakaway Saturday night forays are now on WIN Peach rather than the main channel.



Only TDT9 are doing it. 7 Tasmania running with no changes today.



There’s a 30 second Kojak promo doing the rounds also. I think it is the better of the three, and there’s no voiceover on this one.

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I don’t think there’s any changes from Nine’s schedule today. The ones I was referring to were Wedneday nights on 7 when Undercurrent was on and last weeks 60 Minutes on Nine.

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Thats where BRUCE TV comes in… The Channel was born to make… proving her can independently program (lets face it, no one programs GOLD otherwise a schedule would be published on the EPG… the programmer is probably a relative of Bear from BJ and The Bear lol)

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Was inferring Gordon is a female a typo?



yes lol

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I wonder how Headline News is going in regional QLD up against Today and Sunrise given it has a half hour head start on those two during the current daylight saving period



The song used in WIN’s post-2012 Entertaining Australia promo is another Audio Network track, Timelock by Terry-Devine King.



The fact that it starts at 5am instead of 5:30am probably makes absolutely no difference to anyone.
The thing that would be noticeable by viewers (if they even have any), would be the fact that it finishes at 7:30am.