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As does NBN, even with it’s own bulletin.

I know other stations do it, but still, it’s not ideal.


I agree, of course.

Ideally NBN News Gold Coast would be a live broadcast during DST, but unfortunately, I can’t see that ever happening.


Ideally Qld would have daylight savings :smiling_imp:


If only!!
But of course, we “can’t have the sun setting at 11pm every night” :roll_eyes:


Add it to the Plebiscite then! If we’re spending all the money we should at least ask all the questions!

  • Should same sex marriage be legalised?
  • Should the date of Australia Day be changed?
  • Should Queensland observe Daylight Savings? (just for real riots, add in WA as well!)
  • Should Murdoch and Gordon be allowed to take over Network Ten
  • Should the media reforms pass

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Yes, it would be “old news”, recorded an hour earlier, but it would give most GC viewers the choice of watching the Brisbane/QLD news on TVQ or the Sydney/NSW bulletin on NRN/WIN.

What’s in it for WIN though by relaying Sydney news into the GC? If viewers switched over to TVQ for their “local” news, would they switch back? And I wouldn’t have thought Ten News Sydney would cover any GC stories unless they were of national significance. Surely it would divert viewers in the overlap area away from WIN.

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Anyone who can receive Ten Brisbane won’t watch WIN anyway…

…because mappy.


Except “mappy” doesn’t appear on TEN News.

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Noooooo! You’ve jinxed it!! :weary::weary::pensive:


Look at the numbers, SCA have not had any better numbers on the Gold Coast with TVQ news on NRN since doing that.

The numbers have softened, the dills removed the point of difference. It’s the Gold Coast, no one cares if it’s one hour late, they’re in holiday mode anyway, or stuck in traffic.

Next WIN question, they run promos of audience reach, likely based on licence area s30 figures. However, NRN has never had an operational service on the lower Central Coast, the Bouddi site. Minor yes, but still a slice of population that they’re not reaching. Will it WIN get this site working 25 years on?


What’s more, even the service on the northern half of the Central Coast (from Wyrrabalong / Forresters Beach - often referred to as just “Wyong”) is a 100% relay of Newcastle, right down to the advertising and LCN name of “TEN Newcastle”.

Yes, will be interesting to see next Friday what they do there… Hopefully we will see a “WIN Central Coast” LCN feed with local ads and some form of local news.

Same goes for the TXs at Bouddi and Gosford, I’m sure WIN will be keen as mustard to inflict “mappy” on as many Central Coasters as is humanly possible. :grinning:

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News-wise, I presume there’s no chance that WIN would introduce a half-hour local news service for the NNSW/GC market? NNSW appears to be served well enough by Prime7 local news and NBN news, and the GC by dedicated bulletins on BTQ7 and QTQ9, as well as being (officially) covered by the NNSW regionals.

Where have I read that NRN is the official Ten station for the GC, despite the fact that TVQ has been relayed to the area longer? Or am I mistaken? I’m not really sure why viewers wanted the NNSW stations to expand their footprint into the GC, unless they were unhappy with the services from Brisbane for some reason.

1 - NNSW is not served well enough

2 - NRN does NO news

3 - Newcastle only has 1 news service

How is that served well enough?

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That’s a stretch - NRN do 120 seconds an hour and Prime do news but only in some sub-markets

The only one that does news across the whole market is NBN.

I wouldn’t say that any of them do a particularly good job either


Pretty sure that’s a typo and was meant to be NBN.

I believe it’s because the old NRTV broadcast area included the Gold Coast, so when aggregation happened, it was either a case of everyone gets the Gold Coast or NRTV stop broadcasting to part of their traditional market, which I assume they didn’t want.
Realistically though there is no need for the NNSW stations to broadcast from the Gold Coast sites - all it achieves now is cluttered spectrum with double ups of everything. I can’t see many people on the Gold Coast actually watching the regionals, and advertising must be dirt cheap of advertisers are being ripped off.


First of all, sorry - I meant NBN News - a typo. But I was under the impression that Prime aired a full bulletin across NNSW - so “served well enough” comes mainly from this misapprehension.

Would a local news programme on WIN draw viewers away from NBN News though? WIN have been quick enough to withdraw news programs from other markets where they weren’t getting enough viewers. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it, just doubting they will see it as worthwhile.

You’ve forgotten the Novocastrian’s NBN. NRN doesn’t dominate the entire NNSW in terms of full-scale news services. Well, you could edit that reply later.

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NRN is a typo - I meant to say NBN, as stated above. Have now edited the post.


Quality would be a major driver here - I’d imagine that you’d get some viewer leakage from both nbn and Prime 7 (where they broadcast news)

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