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Southern Cross Tasmania is the highest rating station in the nation. And their news is the highest rating news in Australia (rating share) clearly they take it for granted and are complacent


Nine’s regional news studio is going to be completely different than the national one, I don’t understand why they just don’t use their national studios and just do the regional news from there


People are going on about WINs low revenue and low viewers due to it affiliation with TEN, but i don’t think thats the case, I think it’s that the current Nine National News is on at the same time as WIN, I would love to watch WIN news, but I can’t since they both start at 6pm, this is why it was good when it was Nine news at 6pm then followed by WIN news at 7pm, and the times have changed because of the affiliation between, WIN and TEN, but they do have to option to air WIN news on WIN at a later time.


I’m so confused by that whole paragraph.


If you read the story on The Canberra Times Facebook
Page and the user comments on the post - you will see people are genuinely confused, and think WIN News and 9 News are one in the same. Clearly WIN are riding the familiar 9 News look and branding train to their advantage as long as possible.


(Bold emphasis added.)

Why do you think Ten Eyewitness News at 17:00 has rated lower than 9News or 7News at 18:00 for…oh the last decade or longer?

Have you considered how many people aren’t at home watching TV at 17:00 compared to an hour or two later?


Because you can’t use the a studio for 2 things at the same time.

[quote=“edwardtremethick, post:1521, topic:214”]
People are going on about WINs low revenue and low viewers due to it affiliation with TEN, but i don’t think thats the case, I think it’s that the current Nine National News is on at the same time as WIN
[/quote]Overall, TEN’s programs rate lower than Seven and Nine’s. WIN News is actually one of the best rating show on WIN.

[quote=“KICK-IT, post:1523, topic:214”]
Clearly WIN are riding the familiar 9 News look and branding train to their advantage as long as possible.
[/quote]I think that’s very much why Monday saw such a ratings shift. There is no other way to explain viewers moving from 9 News Sydney to WIN News Canberra instead of watching 9 News Canberra.
These viewers are obviously no all that interested in local news, nor would they be familiar with WIN News.

I think given WIN’s long time association with Nine, some parts of the market are very confused about the difference between Nine and WIN. The change in programs would also not mean much to viewers who aren’t familiar with the Ten Network, especially since Ten is no longer part of the market. I think it would be a common perception that Nine and WIN are both run by the same company, and they now just also show TEN Network programs - particularly to viewers who were used to affiliates showing programs from multiple networks before aggregation.

As a result, the difference between 9 Local News and WIN News may not be all that obvious, especially with very similar branding being used. It will take time for viewers to naturally find there they are different products and they prefer one over the other. This is where it becomes obvious that at least in the short term WIN have been incredibly smart keeping their name and the same news branding.

I wonder what avenues exist for Nine to stop WIN using the branding. Under normal circumstances WIN could be in a lot of trouble for copying Nine’s branding, but Nine have obviously at some point given WIN permission to copy it for their own product, and presumably it was formally agreed that WIN could no longer use it once they stopped being affiliates (which would have been an easy omission to make years ago when there were no signs affiliation would ever change). I think both parties could equally claim that it is a significant part of their on air branding, and the longer Nine don’t challenge it, the less claim they have against WIN.


You’ll find there are considerably more people (as a percentage of the market population)* watching Ten News at 5 in regional areas than there are in the metro markets due to factors such as demographics (older, retired population), faster commute times and the nature of employment outside big cities that necessitates starting work earlier in the day. I’d go as far as to suggest that the people who watched Ten’s News at 5pm also watched Nine News at 6 and WIN News at 7 before the affiliation change.

My point remains that people in that area are accustomed to seeing local news in a half hour package. It may be padded out with a couple of evergreen stories from other areas but even those are more relevant to a regional audience than the “commuter chaos” and Sydney weather event stories that are regurgitated in news programs across the day. From what I’ve seen of Nine’s regional news effort so far they don’t have much of a grasp on what is of interest to regional viewers. I know it’s early days but I’m not filled with confidence judging by the haphazard content in the Canberra bulletin.

*edited for the pedant.


Have you seen ratings TenNews at 5 for RegionalTAM markets? And can you share?

I’ve never seen ANY ratings ever or any published info ever for Ten News in regional cities.

But you state it as fact

Metro markets total around 17 million and regional markets total around 6 million. Yet you state with fact that more people in regional areas watch? And you use the word “considerably” too



AAN now promo for Eleven:

[quote=“Moe, post:1516, topic:214, full:true”]maybe moving WIN News Tasmania to Wollongong. [/quote]May as well axe the entire thing and do noodle updates if comes down to that. SC will promote accordingly and WIN will lose any of the remaining viewers they have left watching them still.


Here’s the All Australian News promo - but the one I got is “coming up next”:

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Bermuda Bruce doesn’t seem phased by the introduction of Nine’s new regional bulletins and seems committed to retaining half hour local news according to the Illawarra Mercury. The article conveniently omits mention of the regions where WIN has axed local news bulletins in recent years. I suppose he is more committed to viewers in WIN’s heritage market.

I liked the last two sentences: "I don’t do anything for myself. Everything I have done is for WIN and its audience”.

It would seem big, blue mappy is his personal gift to the remaining regional WIN viewers. You should all feel so special.


Here’s an example of a WIN presenter doing Houdini-like tricks. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


So does it really mean WIN is going to keep all remaining bulletins including Riverina, central west, wide Bay and Albury or doesn’t WIN rule out news bulletins being abolished in the future? Bruce Gordon’s current logic doesn’t make much sense to me. I assume (as I should not assume) that WIN probably would rule out expanding local news to the northern NSW market if WIN is going to expand there?


II have a theory if WIN does do this asset swap with Southern Cross Auestero in NSW - swapping i98 FM Wollongong for Ten affil NRN in Northern NSW.

I was looking at the ratings on all this week. Sunday through Thursday, when Ten owned stations were getting 13% shares - night after night WIN owned Ten affiliates were underperforming Ten owned stations and getting 8-9% shares.

But the worst by far - 4 nights in a row was Ten NNSW (NRN) getting 3% shares every night. Being beaten by 7mate and ABC2.

By far - BY FAR - the lowest rating TV station in Australia.

If WIN does buy this loser station - they won’t be happy with that performance. They will have to do something to turn in around. It’s a huge market serving two major cities of half a million people each (Newcastle and Gold Coast) plus the market as a whole has 2.2 million - larger than Perth.

That means there is massive potential growth. It’s the 4th largest tvarket and the lowest rating station. Managed right there is room for tremendous growth.

Yes, I know Gold Coast is an overlap market with brisbane. And the city would tend to watch Ten Brisbane. But you know WIN - they think they are a major national network.

They will See the Gold Coast (6th largest city in nation) and Newcastle (7th largest) as a massive opportunity to get in there and do something.

I can see WIN launching the WIN brand into Gold Coast and Newcastle and all of NNSW. And launching local news. Perhaps one for Newcastle, one for NNSW and one for Gold Coast.

Newcastle is ripe for some competition with just one local news on Nine (and not an overly great one at that) And considering Nine/SCA has moved in on WiNs home turf of Wollongong, QLD and VIC with local news - perhaps WIN will strike back at Nine launching head to head with local news in Newcastle.

Gold Coast would be less likely - considering 9 and 7 have local news at 530. But WIN might have a crack at 6pm.

“The Gold Coast’s only Primetime news - at 6”


Are regional ratings allowed to be explicitly mentioned here? I think the fascist mods have stated it’s verboten.

Regardless, if WIN were to buy the NNSW station, it would be a bloody struggle to do anything against NBN, especially when WIN isn’t going to exactly be swimming in cash being #4 in the ratings (and having bought a station off SCA).

NNSW is between Perth and Brisbane in population - I agree it absolutely should have more competition in the market. In an ideal world, I’d argue that WIN should negotiate with Ten to produce a local 5pm newshour specifically for the NNSW market. If Adelaide can have a News at Five with half of the population, NNSW should be treated as a metropolitan market in and of itself.


Central Coast is also an overlap with Sydney, which are favoured by locals over Nth NSW, so there’s another 300,000 viewers that are much harder to tap into.

The bizarre thing about TEN Nth NSW on the Central Coast is that they run the Newcastle feed there 100% (no local news, or ads even). They are also only operating from 1 of the 3 transmitter sites across the region (that being Forresters Beach, Gosford and Bouddi sites have access to TEN Sydney only).

That is one area I think WIN would definitely get fixed up.


I know my post might get deleted!

That’s why I just quotes loose % shares I didn’t give real numbers.

The thing is it’s Bruce. We all know how he runs. He has a massive ego. And to keep 21 editions of WIN news on air is pretty good. That is a commitment. Even if I think they are stuck in the 90s

He’s a billionaire. It would prob cost a million in set up costs to get a local news up in each Gold Coast NNSW and Newcastle. And about a million a year to keep each one on the air. That’s a $6m investment in the first year.

For a billionaire with an ego, that’s not a lot. If local news can help lift the disaster that is Ten NNSW up in the ratings even just 2-3% points that investment would pay for itself in a few years, easy.


I just think WIN would be excited to get its hands on the #5 and #6 largest cities. They actually could do something there in Gold Coast and Newcastle


They’d have to change their hokey news presentation to gain any foothold in Newcastle and Gold Coast.

On the Gold Coast it’s a tough call if another local news would be sustainable. Historically a lot of Gold Coasters don’t watch these “regional” channels but nobody’s really tried to change that attitude since Prime dropped their local news in 2000. The bulletin would also have to be pretty slick (like full of live crosses, produced from studios actually on the Gold Coast and have a known newsreader to the market) to compete against Seven and Nine’s offerings.

They may be better off producing a local lifestyle program or some other branded content for the region?