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WIN should rebrand to match Ten and not sound & appear like Nine, but perhaps it won’t matter now 9News Canberra promos have started appearing… Illawarra is next. It’ll be interesting to see the ratings after 9News beds in properly… is this the death knell of WIN News? (If so why would WIN spend money updating the branding?)


Just been on YouTube, win actually use a cut shorter version of the national news theme for their opening, and for the end they use a completely different one that has rhat choir singing in it


I don’t think that the look really matters because nine news has changed their logo and intro to that cool circle thing, unless win does that, its fine as the old nine logo


Not sure I’ve seen these before or saw them posted in here yet:


I actually think Win is a more powerful brand than Ten in the country… so maybe not?


I haven’t seen those either but on the win news for Albury/Wodonga facebook page I have seen a breaking news one, but never in an actual news bulletin


In regional Aus maybe, only because of their historic association with Nine’s programming and the local news.
Although I’ve always thought (& still do think) “WIN” is a stupid brand name & they should change to Ten that wasn’t what I meant in my last post; I meant change the visuals to fit in with the Ten branding (while still being called “WIN”).


I once thought there was some brand value that actually might translate to viewer loyalty with WIN.

But having seen the ratings, the mess that is Win News, the 4 different logos they use - I would say they actually stand to benefit more from going 100% with the Ten brand.

I think there is more viewer and advertise benefit in that. The brand has more value. To me at least.


They pretty much have, the title in the bottom right corner looks similar to ten eyewitness news, it no longer is that rectangle with rend line


Okay, I like the idea of changing the desk colours, maybe change that red to orange, the blue is fine, but I find the green screen image is fine,


I still think they should go with dual presenters as it will give them a bit of an edge. Of course the whole of WIN news would need an overhaul


WIN continues to rate a good cut above Southern Cross Ten YOY across prime-time. Looking at the East Coast Ten affiliate shares, Southern Cross Ten in typical SC fashion is underperforming in the NNSW market relative to WIN’s markets.


Although hasn’t NBN (or Nine Northern NSW…whatever it’s called these days) basically dominated the Northern NSW TV ratings for decades? Also it’s to my understanding that Southern Cross Ten is a dead brand and that the Northern NSW stations basically just use Network Ten branding on-air now. Officially it would probably be Ten Northern NSW or SCA Ten these days…I think.

Back to the topic at hand, I pretty much agree with what everyone’s saying about what WIN News (and the WIN Network generally) should do with their branding in 2017 but we all know they won’t.


This promo plays on One and Eleven in the last ad break before 6pm.


In addition to what @SydneyCityTV said there was a bit of a lag in WIN’s audience share dropping down to Ten levels after the affiliation change, unlike SC Ten they currently still have their local news and the BBL hasn’t hurt Ten’s ratings, unlike the former SC Ten in those regions. This next half year will be interesting.


If ownership laws change. Win should merge with ten and then ten can produce local news like nine is doing for sc. we know that won’t happen but it would be a good way for ten to expand its news department by absorbing win news and creating composite bulletins.


As well as Resurrect the Mackay and Mildura Bulletins.


Yeah wishful thinking on multple counts; Ten haven’t exactly shown much interest in news in recent years.


Which they should really be reviewing because news has been the only thing that’s rated for them on nights when they haven’t had BBL on, often their highest rating program of the evening so people are still conditioned and tuning in for their flagship (only) bulletin at 5 - a little investment and promotion would go a long way no doubt.


Yeah Ten’s lack of commitment to news and how that should change has been a topic of discussion recently in the Ten News Content and Appearance thread.