WIN News


So do I

It was just an observation - the full line was along the lines of “and good evening to our regional viewers … on Ten … up next is Family Feud”

Just seemed odd since the whole “good evening to regional viewers” is what the eastern viewers get from Ten News just before heading into WIN News

Anyway… !


Maybe they could sign off this way.


But now they have a regional picture in the weather segment.


Bruce Roberts is the best, I don’t understand why they use a green screen, they keep on updating the backdrop, my favourite is the current one, but wouldn’t it be cheaper and less handwork to get a couple of people just to build a backdrop, instead of a team creating a digital green screen image?


No! I don’t want to see my local news gone for good. By the way I have Bruce Roberts, and I don’t want to see him go


especially when he hasnt been up @ Wollongong for very long hes a really good news reader i follow him on twitter


a team of people? you mean a graduate with Photoshop?


how many people do you think it takes to make a digital image?


I thought they spent $1000 plus on a team of people who try to come up with different designs and colours


well people have to design it.


I don’t work in television but I would think one part-time graphic designer would be more than capable of designing and implementing some digital backgrounds to use on the news. Gosh they could churn out dozens in a day!


But how much would that cost? Compared to building a set from scrap wood paint and stuff from a junkyard, with still green screens for the images


Are you kidding or are you trolling?


.[quote=“SA_TV, post:1382, topic:214”]
Are you kidding or are you trolling?

Okay! You win


Why should they? It is completely different from Nine National News


Are you watching the same WIN News? The themes are nearly identical.


It’s NEC’s (Nine) piece of theme music, they have all rights to it.


They are very different. win use the 2006 version which has was quite different to what nine use now.


So it did used to be the theme of national news, but since that changed it no longer is? never realised that.


They both sound the same, not exactly identical. But a few times I think I have the TV on nine but look and it’s on WIN. At the end of the day, they need to step up and look and sound more like ten as they are now affiliated