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By looking at those caps, surely WIN could just modify (change Colours) the desk, change the music and get a new image for the green screen to better connect with the ten news theme.


Too hard mate.


Interesting that Chris Wordsworth, WIN’s Queensland Director of News voiced a story tonight on Pauline Hanson, not sure I’ve heard that before? His twitter account which hadn’t been active in about 2 years retweeted a tweet written by a Sunshine Coast journalist promoting the story for tonight’s bulletin

The video can be viewed here:


Tonight’s DX TV was an opportunity to capture a WIN TV promo for Darling Downs


Good report. Thanks killy06 for bringing that to attention. Would be nice if a reasonable promo was run for these kind of exposes to try drum up some interest.

With Mr Wordsworth V/Oing I always say you can’t beat quality.


What do we all think WIN should do when 9 News Regional launches?

My opinion is, WIN should relaunch as WIN Eyewitness News, have same graphics, music, and maybe if ten Sydney ever gets a new set, use the old one. Have a live National Bulletin at 5:00pm presented by dual presenters. Insert a 30 minute local news stint at 5:30.



Interesting Tagline in this new cover photo for the WIN News Toowoomba Facebook page


Weird tagline, and that WIN still can’t accept change/won’t let go of the 9News colour scheme/theme.

Yes that sounds like it would be a great improvement, although I prefer the local news inserts starting sooner in the bulletin as it seems 9News are intending to do.


I think WIN will leave TEN News as it is at 5pm, and local news will continue for now, but with a refresh to match TENs look.

Unfortunately, I think the number of WIN bulletins will be reduced as the new Nine News bulletins erode their audience even further. I think by 2018, only Wollongong and maybe some heritage markets like Ballarat wiill survive. Canberra will also be at risk if Prime7 reintroduces a full bulletin (as has been speculated in that thread).


Perhaps WIN are trying to get their local content hours up prior to wielding the axe on a local bulletin or two? :smiling_imp:


One of the top stories on WIN Canberra had a boo-boo on the supers - Deputy Chief Minister Yvette Berry was incorrectly referred to as Yvette Barr.


Repeated content doesn’t count towards local content.


The Downs and WIN News: Partners for 50 years? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sorry


I find this hard to believe:


Scanning through the Facebook pages, the Canberra & Illawarra markets are the only ones where WIN News won its timeslot last night against Seven News & Nine News. They also happened to be the first markets on where the new local editions of Nine News will be launched from next month.


WIN Ten can enjoy it while it lasts. Counting down the days… :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed on Ten Adelaide News today, Rebecca Morse ending the bulletin with “and good evening to our regional viewers…” which is a line usually heard on other Ten bulletins that are followed by WIN News

Does this mean…

  1. WIN are bringing back a ‘proper’ WIN News bulletin for SA?
  2. WIN are moving their two minute update to directly after Ten News and before Family Feud (even though FF is running on 3 channels)?
  3. Someone put that line in the teleprompter when they shouldn’t have?
  4. Absolutely nothing?

5. Rebecca Morse is leaving for 9 News Regional?


On other TEN bulletins, the end line is usually something like “for some of our regional viewers, WIN News is next, for everyone else it’s Family Feud”.

And why would someone say “good evening” at the end of an evening bulletin?
Shouldn’t it be “good night”?


Because the evening has just started…


I think absolutely nothing.