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Legally, Ten can’t buy WIN at the moment because of the 75% reach rule.

In any case, I agree that WIN (both in news & generally) should rebrand to Ten but we all know the reasons why that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. WIN News is probably going to be absolutely cooked in the ratings once the new services on SCA Nine start up!


Montage of Canberra and Illawarra bulletins on the same night.
I noticed a difference between them is the date format in the opener:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/b/4/b412d7483c759aee933036136807ab6169c8cd4f.jpg" width=“300” height=><img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/b/5/b53cf2fa4bc9306d6a9051135700df695d41fc90.jpg" width=“300” height=>


I’m thinking that there should be a visual refresh for WIN News in the next couple of weeks (in time for the 2017 ratings season) with the opener, theme music and graphics all remodelled on the TEN News package.


You aren’t the only one thinking that ‘should’ happen. It’s a joke that it’s lasted this long.


Well when 9 regional bulletins launch, there will be similarities between the two, so they might do it then?


If WIN wanted to avoid similarity/confusion with Nine they would’ve changed it already (along with their logo, with it’s rounded Nine-like font).
Either they’ll do a (belated) refresh in the next few weeks for the new year or they think (because of reduced revenue since their change of affiliation to Ten) it’s not worth spending the money to refresh the design & they just keep it as is until the local news bullets are axed.


Just change the music! Logo is fine, as that is the actual WIN logo…


Other aspects of the news presentation (i.e. colour scheme) still look more like Nine News than Ten Eyewitness News.


I think the backdrop could do with a change too, agree with the music though.


That’s an excellent reason!

That will make it an absolute MUST!

Hopefully WIN are on the ball and are anticipating this from SC Nine.


I’m surprised Nine or SCA haven’t kicked up a stink about it…


WIN News’ On-Air Presentation is largely based on the previous (circa 2012-16) graphics and branding rather what Nine News is currently using and rolling out, so I doubt that Nine really care about the current sets/graphics of WIN News although I am surprised that WIN haven’t been told by Nine to at least change the theme music.

And yes, I agree that WIN News needs a full branding relaunch in 2017! If WIN want to properly compete with the new services from SCA Nine, they’ve got to refresh their image. Currently it’s very stale IMO.


WIN are obviously still using the Nine inspired news theme to try to trick viewers into thinking they’re still associated with Nine. I can only see them trying to continue this as Nine launch their own local bulletins - hoping that viewers (and there will no doubt be some) think that WIN news and Nine Local News is the same thing.


I don’t see how this is going to be possible - when Nine News Regional and WIN News will be on at the same time with different presenters.

WIN can’t be that stupid, surely not?

Surely people who associated WIN with Nine have worked out by now that WIN is now Ten?


“WIN would never allow a solid blue watermark, surely?”


I see that as being more pig headed than stupid

We see solid watermarks on other channels with sport in particular.


Just saying, there’s no such thing as never with WIN.


Bruce Roberts returns tonight


So that might explain why Geoff Phillips was doing updates on WIN’s Bendigo Facebook page.


Bruce Roberts back as schultzy93 said earlier.

That photo was taken off the WIN News Ballarat Facebook page.

If you look closely, you can see GOLD running as a source in the vision mixer. :wink: