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He also presented sport.


Not sure about elsewhere but Illawarra sport has been being presented by a mix of people, Jack Mahoney and Tim Robertson(?) or Bruce.

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Thanks, adding that kind of context to the post would be helpful in future.
It’s not really clear to me who normally reads which bulletins where in WIN land.

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May be a bit late to this but how long has WIN produced the hybrid Sunshine Coast & Wide Bay bulletins?

Almost 3 years - July 2021 was first noticed AFAIK.


Knew Wide Bay returned, but did not know it is an expanded Sunshine Cost edition. Don’t they have two journalists then for that edition? I am sure there is one journalist and camera operator/editor for each area.

Yes I believe so. One team based in Maroochydore and another in Hervey Bay. 7 separates their local news into two separate bulletins.