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Could it be a sign that all existing WIN News bulletins may be rebranded as 9 news in future? With the exception of the northern nsw noodle updates?

Doubtful. Nine wouldn’t just let WIN use their brand when they have no control over the product, especially with how much the WIN bulletins have declined over recent years.

It’s the same as when TNT wanted to rebrand to “7News Tasmania” and Seven not letting them. Unless Nine takes full control of news production, nothing’s going to change.

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True, but it isn’t designed to look like 10’s to a tee. It’s still unique to WIN.

The font that says “proud sponsor” gives it away that it is based of Ten’s, along with the positioning on the WIN logo and the shape of the board. It is ironic that WIN Nine’s sponsor board looks more like Ten’s than WIN Ten’s.

Isn’t Nine taking over production of Tasmania’s nightly bulletin in 2023 though? The argument that “nothing is going to change” isn’t technically correct given that announcement because it may well lead to further change in other markets as well.

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I hope it does for Canberra. They will be the only capital without a 1-hour composite bulletin, unlike Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart who will have 2, 7-days a week. Speaking of Hobart, the size of the Tasmanian market is around the same as the Canberra one, so why do they get 2 1-hour 7 days a week bulletins while Canberra doesn’t get shit?


Last time I looked, TAS has about 100K more people than ACT.
TAS does deserve it’s own 6pm composite bulletin being it needs to cover TAS state politics, which relaying a 6pm bulletin from Melbourne does not.
The ACT does not generate enough news to warrant a 60 minute composite bulletin, even with it’s glorified local council Legislative Assembly. I only argue for a 5 minute insert breakaway at most in the current commercial 6pm relays of Sydney commercial bulletins in Canberra, so as to leave the superior metro presentation of national and international news intact thanks.
The last time Nine did a 1 hour 6pm composite bulletin it was woefully awful.
Ratings went up when the Nine Sydney bulletin was restored. Leave the metro bulletins as is on Seven, Nine and Ten Canberra thanks. If you hanker for an ACT bulletin, switch to ABC at 7pm. Even the ABC I would argue would be better served by restoring a local 6.55pm ACT local news bulletin for five minutes followed by restoring the 7pm relay of the ABC Sydney bulletin as it is mostly the same as the ACT bulletin when you don’t include the 4 or 5 locally produced Canberra packages anyway. It would save the ABC money to be used elsewhere instead of near duplicating an existing 30 minute bulletin.

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Has it been announced that new 9 News Tasmanian bulletin will be a 60 minute bulletin at 6pm?

Or is a 30 minute local edition replacing the WIN news service?

60 minute composite

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That’s all he know?

I’m assuming it’s going up against 7 News Tasmania then.

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You missed the first half of my statement which makes your point moot:

Unless Nine takes full control of news production, nothing’s going to change.

Nine will never let WIN use straight 9News branding on their bulletins. The only reason Tasmania is changing is because Nine are taking full control of the Tasmanian bulletin, WIN will have zero input.

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The reason why Nine’s composite news at 6pm didn’t rate was that it was a sub par bulletin. There is enough news in the ACT to warrant every commercial station having their own bulletin. But the public would prefer the ABC over a bulletin presented from Sydney that only contained small local windows. If the bulletin is done properly it will rate in Canberra. If you try and be cheap the public will see through it in the Canberra market. It is not because there isn’t enough news happening. In the 90s sure the climate has changed there was 3 networks that had Canberra bulletins. With CTC7’s bulletin being number one. It was metro quality.

Highly anecdotal, but I personally find it hard to meet people (in Canberra) that watch free to air TV at all let alone tune into the news (any news) on a regular basis

I find it hard to believe that there’s enough eyeballs or advertising dollars in it to justify every station having it’s own bulletin (this has been tried long ago in the past, as gets repeated here very often and doesn’t need to be mentioned again)

I watched the (30 minute) ABC news ACT bulletin yesterday out of curiosity. Even they struggle to find enough local stories, I didn’t see a single one last night for the whole bulletin (only featured national/international stories, for which SBS does a better job anyway). Other nights you might see one or two local stories being padded out with other material sourced from somewhere like Sydney

Besides potholes and public transport (and local things like schools or nursing etc., maybe a road gets mentioned here and there) not a whole lot goes on here (federal politics is not local news)

CTC’s bulletin was very basic until Kerry Stokes took an interest in it for a while (it had the benefit of being Canberra’s only commercial station and sucking up all the revenue), this started to decline gradually after aggregation until its eventual death

If people really wanted more local news on TV, it would exist.


It is good for Tasmania having their own Nine bulletin. I don’t live in a WIN area but was on holiday in Echuca this week and WIN news on Tuesday night had a story from Toowoomba. Not exactly local.


The irony being in the 90s, there were 3 local commercial bulletins and no local ABC bulletin.
Today the ABC local bulletin still exists, albeit ACT Stateline is long gone, and the woeful WIN Local News.
There is no money to do a full metro style composite bulletin in Canberra anymore. Being Canberra is a regional market, nowhere near the size of metro markets. I very highly doubt a 60 minute 6pm composite bulletin being locally produced again of high enough quality will be restored so as to build an audience to pay for it. The minute a sub-par 6pm bulletin is commenced, viewers will go elsewhere yet again, including sourcing the higher quality metro bulletin that has been replaced on the likes of 7plus and 9now instead.

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TV news is also just about the worst way to get local stories anyway, when there’s no money in TV anymore I don’t know why some people care about it so much.

The problem is people have such high expectations for what a local news bulletin should be, and it’s unlikely that it will ever be good enough for those who want it so badly.


It would be nice to keep this thread a rational and logical exchange of views and opinion, rather than lazy Canberra bashing.

The Canberra TV broadcast area is comparable to Tasmania (455k inside the ACT, plus Qbn, Gbn, Yass and Mtns).

7Tas averages about 18mins of local content in their 60 comp. I’m sure CBR could muster that. Not saying it’s likely, but WIN CBR fills 22 odd mins a night currently, so the ‘there is no news in Canberra, but there is in Tasmania’ argument doesn’t really stack up.

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A decent proportion of that these days though would be generic/out-of-area filler


Clearly you’ve never watched WIN News in Canberra otherwise you wouldn’t seriously be making this argument with a straight face.