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win tv here in ballarat still got sports on at 5.55pm and its 6pm stil no win news yet


Canberra had two crosses last night:


That particular cross above was also on last night’s Illawarra bulletin. Not surprising, given that Tathra is in the WIN News Illawarra footprint.


NSW Election promo:

“Nightly Reports and Updates Across the Weekend

I wonder if this is meant to mean that WIN News will have result updates on Saturday night next week for the election?


I wonder if the north east region of victoria will have to sit through the NSW election stories as well?


One wonders what most WIN Canberra viewers would think about that NSW Election Coverage promo, given that the majority of the viewing area (although to be fair, NSW politics is relevant to some parts of the Canberra viewing area such as Goulburn, Yass & Queanbeyan) would be under the ACT Government…


The combined populations of Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Googong, Yass, Murrumbateman, Wamboin, Bungendore, Sutton, Cooma and other nearby towns is over 90,000+, a not inconsiderable percentage of potential viewers. The ACT has about 412,000.

Edited as my adding up was wrong.


Yeah, I remember it being mentioned on the forums in the past (perhaps in relation to Nine News Canberra) that something like about 20% of the Canberra viewing area is in NSW so I did take that into consideration with my earlier post. :slight_smile:

But what about the other 80% or so? Do they get annoyed by what must be largely irrelevant NSW politics reports on mostly Sydney/NSW-based TV news bulletins when the ACT has their own local government? Or is it really a non-issue with New South Wales not a terribly far drive from the national capital + from what is by all reports, a general interest in politics amongst many Canberrans?


I have an on-going interest even though I now can’t vote in the NSW elections, and I know a few people who are interested in NSW politics. What the interest is from people who were born in Canberra I’m not sure but I guess it would be limited. Of course I have very little interest in watching WIN News.


Perhaps it would be best if WIN split into a hundred more bulletins and regions. :joy:


Gotta love fake live crosses


but they don’t say they’re live, they’re just crosses.


Especially considering that Prime and WIN air national bulletins from Sydney in their schedule, I think a lot of viewers are used to it.


Given the ACT is entirely surrounded by NSW, and the Canberra region does include parts of NSW this is definitely more relevant than, say, a peak hour pile up on the M5.


as well as Shepparton (half of its viewing area is in NSW)


I find that weird how shepparton is included in the north east and border region, because they are so far down from the border.


It’s not, Shepparton is under the ‘Goulburn Valley’ region that extends up to Deniliquin in NSW


on WIN and Prime7 Shepparton is a separate market (WIN because of its heritage and Prime7 for some odd quirky reason) but on SCA Nine Shepp is part of the Albury/Border North East market. In the pre-aggregation era GMV 6 used to have NSW Lotto results flashed on the screen on Monday nights. AMV 4 telecast the draw live (via it’s link to RVN 2 which had a link to Sydney, GMV only had a link to Melbourne, they didn’t have a direct link to Sydney in those days).


Yeah, I confused WIN and Nine. But as @DJPizarro said, the region that Shepp is in, goes up to Deniliquin, so that still means that’s yet again more Victorian towns that will have to go through NSW election stuff.