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I’m surprised they haven’t used Mark to present sport on WIN considering Amy Duggan has been absent from the desk quite a bit this year and they usually don’t replace her.

I remember his romance with WIN reporter Mary-Ruth Monsour, currently a senior producer with SBS News, captivated the Illawarra back in the 1980s.


Do tell us more.

I remember him from ABC News in Sydney.


They’re married I believe…


All Australian News with Corinne May, from Sunshine Coast for first time since graphic changes:


I see Jared Constable is back at WIN after a year at Fox Sports Australia. He contributed two news report to the bulletin tonight and presented sport.


So the Tasmania bulletin supers are now in the style of the other bulletins. However the font is slightly different (more bold/condensed). The titlecard has also been updated (Mersey River mouth, Devonport):


So WIN still using 10’s eyewitness graphics.


Well, they’re still using remnants of the Nine News package so I wouldn’t expect them to rush out to upgrade…


Given how crap WIN’s main channel bug is, their various coverups, modified logos, etc. The look of WIN News is fine.

Sure, it’s derivative of their old affiliation, but given all the limitations their staff have to work under, I’d prefer that to new and crap.


This is probably a minority opinion, but I personally think the recently launched On-Air Presentation for the rebadged 10 News First needs some serious tweaks on the metropolitan bulletins before I’d recommend WIN News to adopt the package.


WIN should not take the graphics full stop.


win news should be rebradged 10 local news first. and take the 10 news first graphics


It’s WIN, they’re actually allowed to have an identity. In this day and age, if 10 want the ‘regional’ news to have their branding then they can buy WIN out.


The word “First” probably wouldn’t work too well in the name/brand of WIN’s mostly pre-recorded bulletins, especially when they’re apparently the last news source to report on stories sometimes! :confused:

…and let’s be realistic here: WIN News isn’t likely to dump a graphics package which was only launched at the start of this year. Remember how ridiculously long it took them to completely dump the 2006-era look?

That’s not to say I think WIN News wouldn’t benefit from a version of the 10 News First look that’s been modified for regional use, but I’d personally prefer them to use a consistent logo across all elements of the network and turn their solid brickmarks into watermarks before the news is relaunched again.


It could work in a way:

5.00 10 News First
6.00 WIN News Last

Perfect! :stuck_out_tongue:


Have said it before the size of some of their watermarks are ridiculous but WIN pay to show the content, they can brand themselves on air as the Bruce Gordon Powerhouse Network if they wish!


We have Stan and the UK has Dave… Bruce would make a good Aussie name or Channel Bruce perhaps? :thinking:


I think we already have that aka WIN with Bruce’s oversized “mappy” friend :smile:


Bruce Boss (this one makes sense, especially if they introduce a block of programming that’s just him rambling on about stuff, like Hugo Chavez, or taking a Q&A session, like Putin).
Bruce Peach (the ident could just be Bruce shaking his jelly)
Bruce Gold (the ident could be Bruce swimming in a vault full of bullion or coins, like the intro to Ducktales)
Bruce SNOW (the ident would be Bruce doing various winter sports, and/or lines of coke)