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Some more…


Localised backdrops that will change depending on the time of the update. Also AAN now has the new graphic package.


I’m all for localisation, but I feel like those local backdrops look worse than the standard national one


This isn’t new. WIN news originally had the local backdrops, then they got rid of them, and now they are back. When Bruce Roberts presented the Border NE news, I asked him when they were coming back, and he said he would find out. I guess they have decided to roll them out again.

Are they in the actual bulletins, I have only seen them on Twitter so far.
What I find weird is that some updates have them (i.e the ones with Bruce Roberts) and others don’t (mainly the ones with geoff phillips)


Still way better than Nine News Regional.


WIN News SA update was still using the old opener/closer gfx on Friday, wonder if they have been updated.


Sunny Coast


WIN looking for a new News Director in Tasmania.


Whats left of it!


I’m in Victoria. I might apply. It seems to me WIN might like my idea of doing that. They seem to like local things not being local.


All Australian News, new opener/chroma key background:


We’ve been excepting this for 10 months now…

BTW is there a new promo?


Bit of a shame those alternate shots are now gone. But there’s no apparent reason why the update should’ve taken so long.

And straighten that desk! The angle doesn’t line up with the backdrop.




Canberra Afternoon & Evening Updates today:


WIN News South Australia (Riverland) update from Friday 26/10/2018.

Same update but capped from both WIN Seven and WIN Nine to indicate how the WIN News update is presented:


Who is presenting the Border bulletin now days then?


I believe that Geoff is doing the Border & North East bulletin now, to compensate for Bruce Roberts taking on the Tasmania bulletin.

Caps/montage of last nights AAN. This time there was no bug on the opener:


yes it does seem to be Geoff Phillips. thought I’m not sure why. Even it is due to Bruce doing the Tassie bulletin, I thought Geoff would’ve done it, since Bruce has always done the victorian bulletins


I saw a generic Victorian Win News promo on SNOW with bruce roberts the other day which i was thinking this would of also been shown in Mildura (which only has updates unsure of the presenter) and albury which has a different host. Or has albury now gone to a SNSW feed of SNOW