Who are your favorite NRL/AFL match callers?

I’d say Tim Lane/Tony Leonard(3AW), Gerard Whateley/Adam White(ABC) and Drew Moprhett/Karl Langdon(6PR) don’t have any favorites for the NRL now, but the ABC’s David Morrow, Richard Svenson, Craig Hamilton and Quentin Hull were really good when that lineup was around in terms of calling. Never can stand Hadley on 2GB but Gerry Collins of the ABC was good on Broncos games back then(he was ABC’s voice of swimming too, replacing Norman May in 88)

David Morrow is my favourite. I agree it was a good team with him, Hamilton and Wok on the ABC. Morrow is still great on 2GB with Brohman or Riddell.

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For AFL it would have to be James Brayshaw and BT! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now the worst i’ve listened to is the interstate affiliates of 3AW. like 6PR with George Grljusich could be biased towards the Eagles or Dockers. But Smokey Dawson and Shane Healy on the interstate games for 6PR were really good-they didn’t show any bias. 5AA on the other hand with K. G. Cunningham could be REALLY biased, it was not funny. and Stephen Rowe is like that today. the ABC local teams aren’t as biased and so isn’t SEN(expect for Tim Gossage on WA games.)

But what i like about ABC is their play by play call. They can’t be matched in terms of how to call the game. 3AW comes close to ABC with Tim Lane or Bruce Eva, but SEN is also really good.

Roy and HG

If you add rugby uinon, then Gordon Bray, Greg Clark, Grant Nisbett and Matthew Pearce would be examples. The BBC and ITV crew for 6N can be stuffy though.

These days on AFL it would be Bruce, then most of the callers on Foxtel these days.

On NRL, i hate to say this but Warren Smith is better than Rabs. Moat of the Fox callers and Matt Thompson are better than him. Never have liked the NZ crew, they are too much biased towards the Warriors.


AFL TV: Ch 7 Jason Bennett, Fox Footy Anthony Hudson

Graeme Hughes is making a bit of a comeback.

The former TEN rugby league commentator from the late 80s-early 90s did a one off game on FOX last weekend for Retro Round.

Apparently that was so popular, FOX have asked him to call another game this weekend.
Hughes hasn’t ruled out doing more games.

Which is good news, as I always liked his calls back on TEN.


NRL: Warren Smith, Andrew voss, Anthony maroon, wendell Sailor. [Warren Smith gets along with the game well than Ray warren. Rays fears of flying gets worse every passing year. In 2018, he Will drive to MCG to call Origin Game 1. In 2019, Origin Game 2 will be in Perth. Not sure whether he will drive to Perth or not.]
AFL (7): JAson Bennett. Fox: Anthony Hudson, Adam Papallia.

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Regardless of whether Ray is prepared to travel to Melbourne or not, I think Nine will need to start giving Ray’s successor some big match experience, something more than just a couple of semi finals, since Ray gets to call of the biggest games.

Nine needs to make a decision on this before the start of next season, sign them up if they decide on a FOX caller like Andrew Voss, and have Ray only call the Origin game in Sydney.

I was thinking the same thing. If they want Matt Thompson to succeed Rabs, they need to give him some big match experience. Maybe he could do the SOO match that’s in Perth.

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I remember Thompson’s first game in NZ a few years ago. Sort of cane out of no where but calls we’ll.

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