Wednesday 6 February 2019

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That’s got nothing to do with the fact that I think it’s a terrible program.


I wonder if ABC Breakfast can move into second place. That will be interesting,


Let’s just call it for what it is and admit the Seven morning talent is far superior to any other network. People love daggy dad David Koch, who one minute can be making a fool of himself and the next - probing the NSW Premier on pill testing. They also trust him for no BS finance advice. Sam sits alongside him again, sassy, down-to-earth and not afraid to give an opinion. Nat and Mark are friendly and trusted. Sam and Edwina top it off with their humour and fun. Larry and Kylie later in the morning have a similarly great rapport and enjoy spending time with each other and us the viewer. It’s a winning formula with top talent who all deserve pay rises IMO.

Studio 10 hosts are at each others throats all the time.

The Nine team seem stilted, uncomfortable and just make being on air look like work. Brooke Boney is a radio presenter with limited to no tv experience and should not have been put in the role. Georgie Gardner is a newsreader with no variety or entertainment credentials or credibility, same with Deborah Knight and Tom Steinfort. It would have made far more sense to put Sylvia and Pete in the front chair or something. And again, viewers don’t want to hear about all the behind the scenes drama.

Years ago, Sunrise said it was all about waking up with friends for them. They’ve stayed true to that for years and should be proud of their continued success.


ABC News was 30,000 behind yesterday if you combine the main channel and ANC News numbers. It seems to be beating Today in Adelaide and Perth now on a regular basis.


Was News Breakfast down on viewers than other days recently? Or the same? Seemed to be a massive shift toward Sunrise.


The main channel number for News Breakfast was on par with normal. The ABC News number was down about 10,000, so not very different.


I’m A Celeb is quite far behind MAFS now. Fatigue has set in and needs to end next week.

To be fair, David Campbell is the only good thing about Today Extra. If he left it would be like Lisa Wilkinson leaving Today. The show would struggle.

Mismatched? Seems like most shows that follow trashy reality shows struggle unless they are rubbish too.


Travel Guides being the very obvious exception.


As I said, unless it’s also rubbish. :wink:


MKR is maintaining its audience 800k~ there is no signs of disaster sinking like Celeb has to 500/600s. They need to maintain this figure going forward if the show has any sort of future.


Lowest ratings for Today since OzTam started measuring them.


Re, the continuing growth of Sunrise: It also helps when you have a presenting team which truly connects with a national audience (although Nat & Beretts are the only really likeable presenters in my personal opinion), compared to Today who’s current presenting team is pretty much a Sydney-centric w***fest with the token interstater.

With last night’s ratings for Gogglebox on Lifestyle the lowest season launch in the show’s history, it’s gonna be really interesting to see how it performs on Ten this year. I’m not quite ready to say that 2019 will be the final year, but I do think this season will perform quite ordinarily due to low figures for IAC,GMOOH, the departure of key cast members and in a month or so from now, Thursday Night Football.


It’s still a fantastic result for an ageing show and one of Foxtel and Ten’s biggest hits by far.


Armytage down to Earth? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I don’t think you understand this at all.

Why is there an expectation that people will just drop their lives and uproot their family to move to Sydney to do Today?

Look at Brenton Ragless. He is happy in Adelaide and so is his family.

It’s easy to say “they need people from other states”, it’s getting those people to want to move to Sydney.

You’d be crazy to do that considering the state of Today at the moment.


New Amsterdam had a bit of a drop but it still isn’t a bad figure for a US show.


Move production of it to Melbourne. Why does it have to be made in Sydney?


Another bad week for Today. Nine has realised it has made a huge mistake late last year dumping Lisa for Georgie


For Ten I wouldn’t call a show rating in the 500/600k region a disaster. We all knew it would go quite a bit down as soon as MAFS started as they share the same audience.


Like many at the Nine Network seem to be, I think you might be far too trapped in the “Sydney and surrounds” bubble to understand that a lot of people interstate (particularly in the more parochial states) really hate the Sydney-centricness of our national media and want to see their own states/cities represented on TV.

Of course there’ll always be some people who won’t want to leave home for Sydney, but Nine needs to throw more money at interstate presenters so a move to Today is actually more attractive proposition than staying in their current position. Failing that, provide a point of difference to Sunrise by at least localising Today for the half hourly news/sport/weather. We’ve already got Today Perth News, so how about having Today Sydney/Melbourne/Queensland/Adelaide News as well?

The presenter situation is so bad at the moment, that even the Today presenting team of the Late '90s/Early 2000s (when it had no competition because Seven/Ten/ABC preferred to run cartoon/kids programs) had a better mix of presenters from different states than Today 2019! :open_mouth: