Wednesday 30 January 2019

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That was the “infamous” Boy vs Girl promo series.


I think Seven also got the timing wrong with Undercurrent. It should have waited until the Supreme Court of Tasmania hands down its decision on Sue Neill-Fraser’s appeal against her murder sentence (the decision is set for the end of 2019) before showing the doco.


Great start for New Amsterdam, the medical US dramas seem most popular in recent times, ranked in 16-39s (didn’t think it’d skew that young)


Makes you wonder why Australian networks won’t try a local medical procedural again. All Saints did pretty well for over a decade and Doctor Doctor does okay. Something set in a metro emergency department or kids hospital (if you’re going for something different and really dramatic) might work.


Celeb still beat MKR in two of the demos which is more important to advertisers.


While I agree that Seven should’ve stuck to the 7.30pm timeslot for MKR, doesn’t that sizeable dip in the ratings for ACA (even being beaten by ABC News in all metro markets except South East QLD last night) make you wonder if MAFS could potentially get even better ratings than it is already if Nine decided to air that show right after the news at 7pm?


The 7pm start for MKR is clearly not really doing it any favours. Time to get H&A back.

Celeb whilst still doing well in demos is starting to lose some momentum, which it often does at this point in the season. Hopefully it can bounce back from Sunday when it is eliminations every night for the last 2 weeks.


Numbers for the first three days in the “reality battle” are pretty consistent, when looking at the total “reality pool”

Mon Tues Wed
2,495,000 2,374,000 2,385,000


Seems like this is the year that Seven is going to lose its crown but we shall wait and see how the other programs (especially from Nine) are going to pan out. AFL may be Seven’s only savings grace.

I am going with the ‘extreme’ measure here - I think MKR has a bit of ‘momentum’ left if it’s aired away from MAFS or in other months with weaker competition. Celebrity in Jungle has proven that (it has a respectable season launch).

Seven just need to bite the bullet and air something else against MAFS and write off its first few months.


The challenge for Seven is that if they lead with an even weaker performer they face loosing momentum/not gaining momentum for the rest of the year.


I think Seven has already lost its momentum ever since it lost tennis.


I don’t think the numbers would be higher at 7pm for Married.


Yet both MKR and MC have seen similar declines over the 10 years… in fact MC had quicker declines than MKR.


I said “relatively successful” and by that I mean in the timeslot it has aired in during opposite the competition it has aired opposite. Obviously as you point out, MKR has had more total viewers and performed stronger over a longer period.


And no Olympics and all that


Just as I predicted yesterday.


Can you predict tonight’s Powerball numbers for me now please?


Laugh out loud


Yes whilst Mastechef was hit really hard in the ratings after it’s first few seasons , it then built itself back up by going back to the original format and cutting out the fat (i.e. spin off seasons). Masterchef has since remained relatively stable the last few seasons which shows its strength. MKR in comparison has been steadily declining the last few years so the last thing they need to do is add an additional season this year.


Masterchef I’m sure would’ve been a casualty of 10’s addition of Eleven when the channel as a whole bled viewers also. (I don’t watch and I remember people talking about those couple of seasons being lack lustre and overexposed with kids and celebs), but there was more than just Masterchef to blame for the decline.