Wednesday 22 April 2020

I think that the end result of running shows on both 10Play AND 10 is that in end more people see the series, than if it only ran on 10.

10 needs to be putting good first run content in 10Play, as people prefer to stream scripted. 10 cant fight that, they need to go with it

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What scripted show gets above 400k these days?

Home and Away
Doctor Doctor

What else?

Informer 3838 got above 600k.


Mystery Road.


A lot of drama on the ABC does.


I’m not quite sure of the question, but the secret she keeps does not show up in any OztamVPM daily lists.

Sometimes the VPM figures OzTAM releases and the ones networks release differ. So I am just wondering how it works. Is the survey size small? Is it the same people they use to for the boxes on tvs?

Yes very good points. Informer and mystery road did do decent numbers. My apologies

No - OzTAM VPM it is a real count of the people viewing on 10Play (as opposed to just a sample).

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Pretty sure Stateless did quite well too.

Looks like 7 News Brisbane has taken the lead again recently, and by quite a good margin.


Nine has won recent weeks. Seven is ahead by 667 so far this week across the hour.


Right, I’ve only made the observation by recalling individual days. But the tide seems to have started to turn a little back in the favour!

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Also to remind others, the total for vpm is australia wide, not just metro, so even if it did get 54k views, you’d need to try get the info to see what’s metro to add it to the above.

By my understanding 10plays early release has had very little impact on its metro numbers, especially when you see SBS dramas can pull 200k on binge release before FTA viewing.

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A network should test to see if numbers ar better if they play drama without commercial breaks and only have a half time break for an interval.

Increase product placement and get creative on how you get sponsors represented. If you can get a drama rating over 1million, those interval ad rates can be more expensive.

I’m sure many will say this is a crap idea, but it’s an idea!

That’s sort of what 7 tried with Secret Bridesmaids Business…


And it sort of didn’t work. :wink:


It works for the UK and Ireland because that’s how all shows are broken down 3 ad breaks per hour show with an ad break between shows (and its related how many commercials per hour and there is only a small leeway for not showing your scheduled program ontime… But that’s a whole different topic.


Sydney is switching news programs, it seems. So is Brisbane. One day 7, the next day 9 and so forth.