Wednesday 20 February 2019

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MKR used to obliterate the competition like MAFS is doing, but now it’s losing to ACA.


No need to get stroppy. I can read. But you could argue that Bondi Rescue has brand recognition & what alternate programming is better. The Project has underperformed for years, but we’re still happy to pretend all is rosy.


Which is good in a way if you see it, since MKR is becoming as trashy as ACA these days.

But then again you could say MAFS should also rate about the same as ACA since all three are trash.


I can see where Tim Worner is coming from. If the show is making money for 7 and is profitable why would they be overly worried. Shares and overnights is only part of the picture


I have criticised The Project a lot, especially the Sunday show. Nobody I know thinks it’s a huge hit or doesn’t need to improve. Because it’s on 6 nights a week I try not to mention it every day as that could be annoying.


I’d say Seven are very worried based on the saturating radio advertising that is playing every day on commercial radio for MKR. Previous years there was advertising to start the season and then sometimes for the Sunday night episodes, but this year there seems to be an MKR advert every second commercial break including days when the show doesn’t run.


When Ambulance was on last year I was discussing the show with my friends. So this is not necessarily the case. A show doesn’t need to be event TV or a reality for people to want to watch it or talk about it. I doubt many people go back and watch factuals on catch up unless it’s filler on multichannels.


Yes, that would be annoying. But it can’t be ignored, either.


It’s also interesting that Hot Seat is catching up on The Chase lately, especially in Melb and Syd.


10 News First not rating too well compared to a few weeks ago.
Everyone back at work?


Yes but MKR has reached the point in its program lifetime where it’s on the decline. Sure, it might rate better if it aired say in the 2nd half of the year. However, it won’t stop the natural evolution which every successful program goes through where it launches, peaks then declines as time marches on and it goes up against other programs


Exactly. And Seven used to be ahead of the curve but now they’ve fallen behind it. What’s happening now is exactly what I predicted late last year.

The warning bells should have been ringing last year when MAFS was starting to overtake it for half the season. They should have been prepared for that show to build and MKR to decline.

Same goes for Home and Away. It was already dropping and a major reshake was needed. Hiring reality show stars as actors was certainly not the way to go to rebuild the integrity or quality of the show. Knowing that H&A may decline further, they should have been prepared with a replacement. They need to tackle A Current Affair head on.


Today Tonight with Melissa Doyle or Michael Usher.


They aren’t talked about in workplaces the next day, you don’t live tweet along with them.

I believe this is one reason why MAFS rates so high… When I come to work I always hear “so did you watch MAFS last night, how revolting was Ines” and everyone in this office talks about it…

So that then got me to watch it so I kinda don’t feel I am missing out. I then got hooked… One of my mates would talk to me about MKR, to which I said, narr I watch MAFS. Showed him a couple episodes and now he is hooked… after every show I get a message from him saying “that Ines” :rofl:

The show certainly has that car crash factor that gets people talking… and Nine is def on a winner with it.


Yeah me too, which is rare for FTA these days.


Perhaps Seven needs to incorporate some violence into MKR. Viewers love new trash these days.


In many ways MAFS is just a modern spin on Big Brother. Put strangers together in confined spaces and unique situations. Then watch the relationship develop, thrive or fall apart. MAFS seems less real than Big Brother but the latter started to drift into that territory in latter seasons. The Real World, which started in 1992, is credited with starting this modern genre of ‘reality’. Perhaps Seven could try an Australian version of that next year, 12 single people from remote parts of Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and the US get together in a foreign city and live in a house. Watch cultures collide, relationship drama etc.

What i’m saying is big hits tend to just be tweaks to existing concepts. Look at MKR, that in many ways is a spinoff of Masterchef etc.


Totally. Or Seven could take a risk and do a Big Brother Revival.

It’s about time Seven tried something adventurous.


And given what happened with Ten this year, Seven should engage with Cricket Australia and Foxtel to try to ensure:

  1. The Big Bash season is effectively shortened by airing way more double header (daytime then primetime) matches on the same days in December/Jan before it tapering out into just single Thursday, Friday, Saturday matches for the finals at the end of Jan.
  2. Launch the new series mid Jan before MAFS starts while the Australian Open is on and air the cricket on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  3. Have MKR ready to roll if new series fails spectacularly.


Ideally, Fox exclusive games would all be during the day and Seven simulcasts all the night games. Creates less confusion.

And I also agree with launching MKR or another franchise before tennis and preferably I’m a Celebrity. Get the headstart and build the momentum.