Wednesday 13 March 2019

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The fact it has had the highest rating finale figures in other years suggests otherwise… But ok.

I guess I still don’t get your point. If shows last over 10 years doesn’t that just prove they do have longevity? The US might have reality shows that stay on air for longer but they aren’t normally the number 1 rating show of the night. Look at Masterchef in the US, The Bachelor, Big Brother etc. they are all in the Summer or on Friday nights. Survivor US has been slowly declining for years and isn’t the number 1 rated show. There is a different culture in Australia where those shows do last longer and rate higher.


Not in every case but most reality shows burn out here a lot sooner. They have reality shows that have lasted nearly 20 years or more than 20 seasons.


Think there’s a lot of overreaction about MKR’s performance last night^. While its numbers wasn’t great, two things:

  1. MAFS was boosted last night by it reportedly featuring some type of drunken ‘brawl’ (don’t watch the show so someone who does can correct me on that if I’m wrong) - that seems to have affected MKR’s numbers.
  2. Don’t know how people can jump to conclusions about whether the ‘Open House’ concept is a ‘success’ or not when there’s only been two episodes where it’s featured so far - last night and Tuesday where its numbers were steady. I said it before and I’ll say it again - one night is not a trend. It’s exactly the same mantra those who are commentating/celebrating a certain Crikey article discussing ABC News Breakfast’s numbers yesterday should keep in mind~…

^ Within that, I’m not referring to the separate discussion in this thread about the show’s overall decline
~ Purposely being vague because it contains details which can’t be posted on this forum


We are allowed to say ABC brekky beat Today yesterday in Metro + regional numbers. The win is not a trend but it is a significant change and still a win for ABC. It has also been steadily increasing and getting closer and closer, up to this point of over taking. That is a trend.

A brawl on MAFS is the equivalent to a house reveal on house rules/the block! Lol.


Not only that, US networks have a bit more luxury in a significantly larger total audience, so what we deem as a failure here, is still somewhat successful over there giving them years longer to live.

US Networks might be able to sustain burned out programmes better than ours can as they can still make a profit.


MKR is tired and dead in the water. Hopefully Seven will pull their finger out and start to innovate with new programming no.
Once again their complacency to rely on the “same old” has left them in the same position where the rot has started to set in.

They did it with their news, now they are playing catch-up with that, now it’s their Prime Time programming that’s taking the same route.


People say that but when they do something else it either flops or gets criticized. So which one is it?

Not saying that I discourage the idea. It just feels like that everywhere. Anything they do people don’t like.

I’ve always said Seven should do variety in the timeslot. But people say they need reality tentpole. When they get reality people scream them down. So it seems like they have no choice at all. No variety, yet the things they want is apparently not good enough.


I think the issue is they stick to the same formula. Stripped 90 minute episodes. People are time poor these days there are only a few formulas/shows these days that people will tolerate that length. MKR in my opinion has fatigued and it’s not worth watching the 90mins.
I anticipate the erosion will happen to all channels with the movie length eps.

I don’t really think anything they have “tried” in the last 18 months have been the right decisions or types or format which is why the failed. The audience isn’t after what they are trying.

You can see overall, sevens schedule is tired and not firing.


ABC News Victoria reported this evening that ABC News’ audience doubled the usual Wednesday morning average during the sentencing telecast.


Does that mean family-friendly, older skewing shows?


SVU was beaten by Talking Married. The figures for it are simply unacceptable.

And it’s funny cricket has been struggling to rate on Fox this series in India but a huge jump because Australia is winning. Another clear example of Australians only loving winners.