Wednesday 13 March 2019

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Agree. And I imagine the broadcasting rights they had paid for the multiple Olympics a few years ago would have put a dent to their bank account too. I wonder if they would have enough money for the full broadcasting rights for the next AFL. Interesting times ahead.


Probably for another thread. But I don’t think any FTA Network is going to have the budget for the full broadcast rights. I doubt we will ever see more than 4 games a week on FTA again. Each network will have to deal with another platform to split the costs.


Yeah i have noticed this to in regards to seven’s secondary channels.


How come USA shows in the US seem to go on for more than 10 seasons and ratings seem to not suffer ? Survivor USA for example and I think there must be others, Bachelor etc . Eg The Bachelor in the US is up to Season 23 !


Because they don’t strip it across the week and bloat the show out for hours and hours.

MKR ratings are disgusting. Even worse than Survivor and I thought that was an average rating show for the most part. Is there any new overseas format Seven can try to get? They didn’t get Masked Singer so they need something else.

Heads should roll at Seven.


MKR for Ten if it was on there would be a ratings winner lol . Though Masterchef is better though in quality.


I always thought Masterchef would’ve been a great show for Seven. It has the broad appeal Seven is aiming for.

At least the Nine fanboys would be happy.


When MAFS is smashing MKR in the otherwise Seven loyalist markets of Adelaide & Perth, you know the so-called “cooking” format is just about on its last legs.

MAFS continues to go off like a rocket. If it can get over 400k in Sydney on a Wednesday, then surely there’s a fairly strong chance of it getting close to (if not over) 500k on Sunday night with the benefit of a NRL lead-in fuelled 6pm bulletin?!

I reckon it’ll still beat The Voice (now there’s a show which really has “Final Season” written all over it, if last year’s lacklustre ratings were anything to go by), but that’s not saying much about either franchise.

More about this at another time and in another thread, but I really think the future of AFL & NRL broadcasting deals (especially if the codes continue craving multi-billion dollar deals) is going to be the sport(s) shared across at least two FTA networks with key events like the finals being on different networks from year to year.

Haha. You’re right though, it seems that any show on Ten with over 500k metropolitan viewers is considered to be a “hit” by their standards these days! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Terrible number for MKR and seven doesn’t have much exciting stuff coming. The Proposal is a guaranteed flop and AGT will be a struggle as well.


Conversely, I reckon shows like Masterchef, DWTS and Survivor would arguably do better on Seven than 10. The broader focus would be right up the alley of Seven’s audience (though Survivor is fairly young skewing).


Yes indeed.

There is a problem though, some think that Seven needs to be risk-averse, while others say they’re not taking enough risks. So which one is it?


Not sure that’s true considering DWTS was on 7 and got axed due to poor figures… As was Survivor.


How quickly they forget? :joy:

Not to mention all the head rolling that is being constantly suggested. Apparently Seven and Ten should have axed all their programmers because Nine has one or two hit shows this year. :joy:


I don’t think 10 or 7 should have axed all their programming and I don’t think heads should roll at 7. Especially considering they just won the ratings year last year. However, I do think those in charge at 10 have become a little safe and have lost their edginess they once had. Lets not forget all the shows they commissioned to launch the ratings year were once on another network or commissioned by another network. Clearly they have lost some of the out of the box thinking they once had.

Not to mention 10 being down in some timeslot by around 50-60% is not a good sign.


Some numbers from the same night last year.

At 7.30pm Married AFS 1.2 million, MKR 963,000 and for 10 Graham Norton 277,000.

Later 20 to One had 494,00 for Nine and Manu’s US Road Trip 524,000 (double what Jimmy Barnes had). Mad As Hell had 667,000. Ten had This Is Us with less than 200k.

At breakfast Sunrise won but by just 11,000.


Survivor is not rating anywhere near what it was in the first few years. The big difference is that it’s only one show in a large schedule so once it start failing it doesn’t affect the whole network. The networks in Australia seem to only worry about quickly boosting ratings and network shares rather than worry about long term sustainability and growth in all timeslots.

This is exactly what kills shows faster in Australia. The shows could arguably last twice as long, if the audience didn’t suffer fatigue.


I mean, you don’t see shows like Bachelor or Survivor being stripped 2-3 times a week. Masterchef in the US isn’t stripped for 5 days like down here either.

It’s like using a computer. The longer you continually use it for the faster the battery will drain and quality will deteriorate.

That is something I would like to see Australian networks do. 10 is doing it but they’re probably the worst network to deviate from the usual stripped formula because until they get a solid foundation on the primetime ratings, nothing will work.

Seven and Nine could potentially benefit from having a split schedule and all shows working together as an ecosystem rather than just one show dominating the timeslot.


But why are a lot of these shows, in Australia, lasting in excess of 10 seasons? The argument here is completely flawed.

The Block has lasted, what 10 seasons being stripped?
Masterchef 11th season
MKR 10 seasons

Obviously it is something that works when shows can last over 10 years.


That show performs well because there’s no decent competition up against it.

Though there’s been a decline, the audience is still pretty loyal. Once again, I think one factor is loyalty, while other is a lack of decent competition (for the record, I don’t consider House Rules or The Voice as competition against the two).

For many years it was up against good (but not extraordinary) competition which they smashed until MAFS came about.

The point is, while all realities are dying, those in other countries are dying slowly because they don’t mess around with the basics and keep it on once/twice a week to keep the audience interested. Australian networks are accelerating the deaths of realities by stripping and bloating shows which could potentially last another 10 years. While some might be fine with that (like The Block/MAFS but if there’s some decent competition against it, I can guarantee The Block/MAFS will decline as well), the recent ratings with House Rules last year and MKR this year clearly suggest that audiences are tiring of the same old format being stripped and that they’re switching off with their remotes.

That’s what I think anyway from my observations these days.


I would say its best result since 2017? 75k+ viewers.