Vale: Yesshop

New channel on Foxtel from February 29 called YESSHOP on D180.

Obviously a friend to EXPO and TVSN.

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Separate to TVSN and Expo Channel: it’ll be the first shopping channel based in New Zealand to be broadcast into Australia.

More in this NZ Herald article from November.


I wonder if it will be free-to-air on satellite like TVSN and Expo?

that’s choice eh bro!

Thanks for the link! :slightly_smiling:

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seemed the prices looked cheaper… and didn’t sell jewelry… looked more demonstration… different from existing ones.

couldn’t see Yesshop at free-to-air channel yet… only foxtel…

Slide on Channel 55 now:


Looks like a cheap Sony Vegas edit.

Yesshop on 64

Longer version of the promo

More promos

I’m guessing this will also affect SCA markets, plus FOXTEL.

Still on in Wollongong. If the business is closing immediately why is SCA still broadcasting it.

There’s a notice on the FOXTEL website stating the channel isn’t available as of today

This message currently via SCA channel


It’s been completely removed from the Foxtel channel list now. Must leave a notice up for a week and then delete it.

its still on 194 strange 194 listed 3 times lol

That’s odd it’s was always channel 180 on my iq3