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LOL, the principle doesn’t JUST apply to religion - you surely accept that all neo-Nazis aren’t violent murderers…right?

It has nothing to do with “mismatched groups” - you and others left-wingers are too obsessed with categorising people based on morals (pity left-wing morals are the worst, but anyway). To pick another totally “mismatched group”…if Cheryl at bridge club murders someone, it doesn’t mean Ethel or Beryl are murderers too. THAT is the fundamental principle of INDIVIDUAL choice and accountability you are surely supporting…yes?


Oh. Funny how you don’t apply this to the Greens or Labor seeking to hurt those with small businesses, those with high paying jobs, those with negatively geared properties etc.

Basically, what you’re saying is that the LEFT gets to CHOOSE which policies “hurt” other people…

Oh and the health care isn’t being ripped away…it’s funded with money ACTUALLY ripped away from American taxpayers.

You’re getting into that habit again of assuming all wealth belongs to the Government, rather than individuals…


Er…of course he did…need I remind you how Hillary also (pathetically) tried to get into the White House with the help of Obama’s celebrity backers? lol.


Of course individual responsibility applies; those individuals decided to be neo-Nazis, to wave the swastika flag, etc., and to associate with other white supremacists like the KKK.
Individuals don’t choose to be black or white or gay.
There’s the big difference.

This is a bullshit label which the LNP have been pushing for ages but it doesn’t make it true (although for some of the far-left, yeah, maybe, but Labor are more centre than left).

We have a progressive tax system, and so we should. Anything else is ridiculous. I’m happy to pay a bit more tax since I earn more than average, but I don’t agree with taxpayers subsidising via negative gearing 2nd, 3rd,…13th properties at the expense of people who now can’t even buy a home because of the housing price inflation which NG contributes to.

There’s a difference between hurting someone’s bank balance a bit versus people dying due to lack of health care.

Try harder to see past your right-wing prejudices…
obviously gov’t can only get money from taxpayers (gov’t should try to avoid borrowing, and taxes will have to repay that anyway).

Taxes are not money being “ripped away from…taxpayers”; we all have to contribute to various things we may or may not agree with, including basic infrastructure such as roads, and services such as emergency services & defence.
Those last two are basically insurance of a sort (police against crime which you may attack suffer from, fire brigade & ambulance should be obvious too, and defence to deter & defend in case of foreign enemy attack), so it’s bizarre how the right-wing are happy for huge defence spending (e.g. buying tanks the military have clearly said they don’t want & are not suitable for their needs - a disguised job-making exercise in certain politicians’ electorates), but are against public transport in population-dense areas & public funding of healthcare/insurance which can be at least as-good for the economy and social cohesion.

Having celebrity backers is fine; who cares?
Was it pathetic when Richard Nixon had California supporter parties with Clint Eastwood & Charleton Heston?
That doesn’t matter. I’m not sure why you think it should be a negative to say that some prominent people like a particular candidate.

Interesting that the Republicans have their celebrity know nothings like Reagan & now (the dramatically worse) Trump who tell simpleton voters what they want to hear instead of the truth, yet complain about celebrities (presumably just the ones that disagree with theirs/them).


Blinded by the light :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On the one hand, it’s a pretty nothing story.

On the other hand, it’s pretty funny.


It’s pretty disgusting, actually. In the video, he looked up for one second and the media are playing it out as if he’s stared into the sun for twenty minutes. Your eyes would probably be more damaged by driving west at close to sunset and having to deal with sun glare.

I don’t like Trump, but the media have twisted the story crazily out of proportion.


These stupid articles help him. Just shows that the media are out to get him. Rather than focussing on real issues they focus on this, even Ch7 did a whole story on him looking at it for a second (who hasn’t).


Agreed, even if I don’t like him.


Sure. And those other individuals who are neo-Nazis didn’t decide to be violent murderers either…right? You keep tip-toeing around making a clear statement that ONE neo-Nazi decided to murder someone.

Individuals DON’T CHOOSE to be born into WEALTH, or born into a normal FAMILY, or born in Australia with British heritage - yet Labor makes those individuals feel guilty, and actively seeks out policies to punish those people.

Your arguments fall apart with a slight breath of wind - it is quite clear that only SOME individuals with inherited characteristics are to be shielded under the law in your eyes.

Hah, that old cliche - “happy to pay a bit more tax” - yeah right. Which Federal Government programme do you think is so underfunded such that the Liberals need YOUR money in order to make it better?

There’s that false equivalence again. :wink:

That is an argument that leads to nowhere - if people are taxed at an average rate of 40%, and x people still die of preventable diseases - why not argue that people should be taxed at a rate of 60% overall? Or 80%?

If you say you are happy to pay more tax - why not simply DONATE what is YOUR money to causes which support people in desperate circumstances?

So why isn’t everyone contributing to things we may or may not agree with?

Why is it only people that have incomes that must contribute for the good of social cohesion - why aren’t people who don’t have incomes also contributing something instead to social cohesion?

You can’t argue a social contract exists whereby those who work have to fund welfare, housing, health for druggies but then be happy to see those same losers tearing up American cities in protest, infesting them with violence etc.


Are you for real?

Shorten’s ENTIRE platform this year has been about fighting the changes to penalty rates…wage expenditure being the BIGGEST factor in the success of a small business…all the way to the next election. And you’re telling me it’s bullshit that’s not true? Are you serious?

In fact they went crazy when Ann Sudmalis on the Lib side said something in support of small business to this effect a little while ago.


Not really. People should only feel guilty if they’ve been avoiding paying taxes, or fair share contribution. If you’re lucky enough to be wealthy, you should pay more because you’ve benefited moreso than others off the infrastructure and labour of society. You’re giving back to the system which allowed your wealth to be possible in the first place.

The interesting thing about the people who vote for tax cuts is that they’re often the people who benefit the most from taxes remaining high. We see that Republican states in the US are net receivers of federal funding, whereas Democrat states overall contribute more to the federal government than they receive back. So the poor vote against the very government which is keeping their communities well funded.


Come off it.

If they are so fortunate, they can afford to pay more than a peasant, and you know it.

If the LNP don’t screen their candidates properly & make them comply with highest law of the land, that’s their fault, not the fault of who dobbed them in.
What next, it’s not the fault of a murderer or rapist, it’s the victims or witnesses or reported them?

Shielded? Nonsense.
Paying a fair share of tax is not discrimination.

How about health care (Medicare, including dental, NDIS, PBS), Education, as two easy starters?

Not that it matters whether the LNP or Labor happen to be in gov’t at the time; we don’t get to choose to pay our taxes just when whoever we voted for are in power.

I also think we should have a larger, stronger military rather than relying on the Americans, especially when the likes of Trump is president (he doesn’t exactly strike me as someone anyone should rely on).

How about we tax the causes of some of those, e.g. sugar to reduce obesity? (Like we do tobacco. Do you realise how much bariatric facilities are costing & will cost the health system?)

Oh and I do donate.

We do (to varing degrees, depending on how much we should be able to afford)…

So you want people who have zero income to pay the same income tax as someone who does…?

There should be a social contract, but the social contract in the USA has been broken by those in power: Stagnant wages (gone backwards in real terms), dramatically reduced social mobility, etc.
When you don’t have a living wage, and the top few percent are taking the vast majority of income, gerrymandering, huge political donations & ‘primarying’ being driven by the few obscenely wealthy to control politics, etc., what do you expect?
I’m surprised the masses haven’t come out with the pitchforks & flaming torches (no wonder riots happen now & then in the USA).
When real people have jobs, feel secure in their economic situation, they can afford healthcare, education for their children, etc., society is stable. For so many in modern America, that’s not their situation.

While I disagree with his focus on penalty rates, even the Reserve Bank has been raising concerns about wages being too low in Australia, and so Labor is jumping on that because people are stressed.
Labor isn’t as negative to business as that simplistic statement suggests.
And to say it’s Shorten’s entire platform is wrong; Labor have also pushed to reduce the capital gains tax concessions & negative gearing to focus it on new construction and improve housing affordability, plus they’ve also been highlighting the energy price rises which resulted from the LNP’s reckless anti-carbon price policy.


Put it this way, if this was Obama not Trump, then this wouldn’t even be a story to begin with.


…but people have ALREADY paid tax on that income…you can’t double dip forever lol.

After tax it is up to an INDIVIDUAL to decide to save, invest, or spend it all like a bogan.

Haha, no I didn’t mean Nick Xenophon…I think you knew that.

I’m referring to Labor’s support of policies which encourage all Australians of British descent to feel guilty about the past.

How is property being taken away from someone by force “fair”…?

Who gets to determine what a “fair share” is…?

Donate more. You said you were happy to pay more tax. So…do so.

No…I specifically said why aren’t those on low incomes expected to contribute in some additional way instead (of paying tax)?

Why does only one group of people have to sign a “social contract”…? Who is the other group and what are their responsibilities?

For instance, just today, you have Labor crowing on the news that they won’t support the Liberal’s welfare drug testing policy. Why? One side has held up their end by paying large amounts of tax to fund that welfare…what are the recipients giving back in return?

…so Labor IS arguing against the word of the independent umpire in this field to see small businesses pay MORE…how exactly were you saying to me that it’s “bullshit” that Labor is seeking to hurt those with small businesses…?


What next, museums and galleries too? The violent far-left, encouraged by the biased left wing media, has become insane in the United States.

Baltimore’s 225-year-old monument to Christopher Columbus, said to be the oldest in the country and the world dedicated to the explorer that is still standing, has been severely vandalized.

“Racism: Tear it down,” one sign leaning on the monument base says.
“The future is racial and economic justice,” said another sign that was lying in the grass."


Oh let me guess, the statue was a neo-Nazi, which totally explains the violence. :roll_eyes:


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The far-left in all its glory here (telling a white male to remove himself from a public area…“when have you been oppressed?”…erm…).