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Vague labelling.


“Swing states, in the middle of the political spectrum, not traditionally at the extreme ends of the spectrum, which Donald Trump all won”.

LOL better?



Oh you don’t have a good nose for BS matlock…

A “CNN exclusive” stating “and the suspicion was that at least some were part of a Russian disinformation campaign”.

“The FBI monitored social media on Election Day last year in an effort to track a suspected Russian disinformation campaign.”

See how the qualifiers come and go to make the content seem more sexy than it is? And what is a “suspicion” in this context…


When 12% of the US population is black, 5% is Asian, and 16% Hispanic, why would it be particularly shocking that 53% of films DID contain a black female character, 34% DID contain an Asian female character and 28% DID contain a Hispanic female character?

This is how the election analysis was conducted by so many in the run up to last November - “oh well Trump is doing badly with Blacks, and badly with Hispanics, but quite well with whites, that’s not going to be enough blah blah” - look at the PERCENTAGES - the US population is a not a box of chocolates with equal proportions of each type for you to choose.

This paper is the most infuriatingly moronic stuck-up-its-own-arse publication around. Just complete nonsense day after day.

Of last year’s top 100 films, 47 had no black female characters at all, 66 had no Asian female characters and 72 had no Hispanic female characters.


An interesting opinion piece about how Trump being a Whiny little bitch (he was born into wealth remember) somehow worked for him with so many Republicans (who continue their long tradition of voting against their own interests):


Glorious leader Donald Trump has launched a new news service to compete with capitalist pig dog liberal news outlets.


The right just label everything they don’t agree with as fake news. They decry the mainstream media but fail to see their own hypocrisy when they spout lies and hate.


I shudder at the Orwellian naming, thinking how many lies are likely to be in this (given Trump’s problem with reality).



Journalism isn’t comprised of respected vets, or nuanced opinion any more. It’s loud, annoying - it’s social media driven. It’s full of twenty-something year olds, a very disproportionate percentage of which identify as liberal, or gay or trans etc. The industry as a whole lacks the perspective of other views.

Yes, part of the NYTimes strategy is to be a voice for the left, “liberal” side of politics. And part of their problem is they are jam-packed full of identical crappy journalism graduates that as a whole there is a lack of self-awareness.


But I’ve made this point many times.

The NYTimes isn’t a charity. Or an arbiter of the truth.

It is a publication run for profit. It is a business.

As such, they appeal to those who like to consume liberal politics, to maximise revenue.

Therefore, everything has an anti-Republican, anti-Trump slant. Same with Fairfax in Aus.

This is really very simple stuff, matlock.


LOL, from the paper that was whining about only 41.788% of Hollywood films containing black female characters the other day.

What a joke.


Of course, that sort of article is just designed to troll and elicit a response from Trump - which in turns feeds more traffic to their site. So transparent.


So in your endless search for truth why don’t you loudly rail against the so called right wing media and all the fake news they spout?


That same argument can be applied to Fox News. If you are going to use this argument to have a go at left media at least be reassured that Fox News is a business, runs a news service and does cater and produce news for the ring wing. Pro Trump, Anti-Obama.

This is really simple stuff, Firetorch :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Jesus Christ, that something so silly could even raise likes is unbelievable.

OF COURSE it could be applied to Fox News. I’ve SAID SO in the past! I can’t find the posts because I did a mass delete of all my content a while back in this thread, but I’m sure it was matlock I said it to…

Argh the quality of convo on this site does my head in sometimes.


In fact I have compared the two very directly for that purpose! To make the point that just as Fox presents what its demos want to hear, so does left-wing liberal media! This was actually denied by matlock and now he’s liking a post saying that I somehow can’t see that myself. And now TV-ACT subsequently liking it, even though my posts explaining that are visible here, and he was part of the conversation himself. So childish.



Your binary world view where an entertainment (movies) piece is equal to a news piece & to an opinion piece is illogical:
Are you saying that because of that movie article everyone should ignore everything else the NYT publishes?
What next? If a TV channel has a idiotic soapie we have to ignore their news programming because it’s on the same channel?

Haha. I’ll sometimes like things even though I don’t entirely agree but if I appreciate the intent.


There is a specific difference between Fox and so-called liberal news organisations.

Fox peddled Obama is a Muslim Kenyan birtherism and Benghazi conspiracy theories for the better part of his entire Presidency, even though those conspiracy theories were complete bunk. NYT and WaPo are actually uncovering a scandal of real magnitude, as much as you’d like to deny. Those two organisations are doing actual journalism, which apparently a lot of Trump’s noisiest supporters have a real problem with.

It’s a false equivalence.

I’ll concede that CNN is a ‘special case’. They employ three Donald Trump spokespeople to appear on panels regularly and those members frequently clash with other panellists. CNN’s bias lies in partisan conflict and sensationalism rather than ideological opposition to Donald Trump. Their motive is pure profit.

Oh well, no one is keeping you here :wink:


No one is keeping Trump from calling out the quality of news media in America, either. :wink: