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Are you splitting your replies into multiple posts for some reason…trying to win the most-number-of-posts this month?

Anyway, you chose to say the stolen e-mails must be what I was referring to as propaganda, to make it sound as if that’s the only thing I could possibly be talking about, as if there’s nothing else, but now you admit there were other lies being peddled during the election campaign.

Stop being disingenous, and trying to provoke.


No. I quickly grab bits I want to respond to when I have time.

You’re simply trolling now - you very clearly said Russian interference (propaganda). Now you’re claiming you weren’t talking about Russian interference when referring to “Russian interference” but also…er…fake stories online from Macedonia about how the Pope supported Trump. Give me a break.


I’m not the one trolling.
“Interference” is broad; it can reasonably include their propaganda efforts, even when outsourced to minions (or just botnets) in other eastern European countries (and I thought I was pedantic!).
Anyway enough of this.


An interesting analysis of Trump’s numbers here:

Interestingly, it shows that Trump is doing fine in Ohio and holding steady in a couple of other rural, white states. More concerning for Trump is that the swing states he won (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan) are sliding back to the Democrats.

An even bigger upset is that Trump is losing the GOP a lot of ground in Texas and Georgia - two Republican heartlands. Georgia is rapidly urbanising around Atlanta and Texas is becoming more diverse and more urbanised as well, so both are now more in play than previously. Trump is beginning to speed up these states becoming contestable for the Democrats.


Yes, we all know how “Hillary is going to win Georgia and Texas” went last time! lol

In substantive US political news, this is exactly why this administration is a breath of fresh air - common sense activated.

The Justice Department is seeking attorneys to investigate racial bias in college admissions as the agency prepares to review a 2015 complaint that claims Harvard University discriminates against Asian-American applicants.

Affirmative action policies have long been points of discord on college campuses. School officials have argued that in order to create a diverse class of students, they should be able to consider race among other factors when deciding who to admit.

When an educational facility admits students on the basis of “creating a diverse class of students” rather than accepting on the basis of academic excellence, then you know your country is totally f**ked.


What a load of crap; are you just trying to up-and-up the provocative nonsense to get a reaction?

The Trump presidency is a already on the path to being a disaster for the USA (who can’t afford that after Bush Jr’s less-than-stellar presidency), and not great for the rest of the world either.

Plenty of US voters see the problems, just look at the record low approval ratings for this early in a presidency.


Mmm yes.

Rasmussen (historically a conservative-favouring poll) have released a new poll with a big drop in Trump’s support over the last month. It took a couple of wars, Katrina and an economic disaster for Bush to reach those kind of levels. Trump inherited a strong economy, so imagine his polling numbers if there was to be a recession or stock market crash.

At some point these support declines will start eating into Trump’s base, and when that happens the self-preservation of GOP representatives in the House and Senate will kick in and they’ll start pushing back against Trump.


Right, guys, I’m really not sure that that WSJ journal article on a niche issue about positive discrimination at a US college is what is behind the poor poll results this week…


Well you were the one who raised that such an issue is precisely why the Trump administration is a “breath of fresh air”. Polling says that isn’t the case.


I’m sorry, but if people being chosen to attend university on academic performance rather than race is provocative to you, rather than THE MOST OBVIOUS CASE OF COMMON SENSE, then I am lost for words.


…I’m saying the polling doesn’t take that into consideration when there have been a million other dramas happening at the WH this week, lol.


Exactly right.


Huh edge of disaster? sure if you listen to the left and mainstream media bias, I think the US stock market begs to differ. As for low approval numbers are these the same polls that said Hillary was going to win in the biggest landslide in history?. Come November 2020 Trump will still be president despite all the crap that gets thrown at him & even if Trump is a one term wonder, he is already a winner because he was never meant to get this far in the first place.


No, Rasmussen is famously known for being more favourable to conservatives.


(I’m pretty sure) you know that’s not the part of your post I was reacting to, so please stop it.

I deliberately did NOT say that. I said it’s on the path…how long that path is isn’t clear yet but it’s clearly not heading in a good direction.

The stock market are the idiots running full steam ahead at the cliff who brought on the 2008 crash and recession that followed. Their short-sighted (next quarter year & less) view of prices of anything that can be traded (shares, commodities, futures, currencies…) is hardly the best measure of what’s good for a nation or the world in the longer term.


For the skeptics:


You don’t have to play confused. I described an administration trying to ensure people are “chosen to attend university on academic performance rather than race” as a “breath of fresh air” - I’m sure most (all?) sane Americans would agree.

Somehow you think sanity returning like a breath of fresh air is provocative because…well, Preibus. Or Bannon. Or Spicer. Or some other personal micro-issue that has nothing to do with the substantive issues.


No one is skeptical at all of it. It obviously reflects the WH staffing shenanigans this week which have attracted overwhelming media coverage in a quieter summer news period.

Even without those events, we know that pre-election Trump (and Hillary) had very unfavourable personal ratings.

Basically, in regards to Trump, the Democrat ~40% HATE him, the 25% old style Republican much prefer his policies to those of the Dems but also HATE his personal style, while the other 35% of people love his policies and love his style.


So the majority hate him


Yup, if you haven’t figured that out by now!

Actually, most of the far-left hasn’t. That’s why no matter how much they bleat continuously about Trump, middle America still vastly prefers his “stance” on major issues than the fruit-loop stuff the Dems present.