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Ha, thanks for the patronising nonsense - I’m not saying “ooh this radical idea is scary and new, please, shield me away from progress”.

I’m discussing 1) who should PAY for it, and 2) the LOGIC of certain amendments to documents such as birth certificates (as also raised in the International Politics thread).

And by the way, I’m in my 20s, so unless you’re a tween (you could be based on your views which lack basic logic), then we’re the same generation. Yes, I know it’s surprising to find out not everyone shares the same views as those in your uninformed far-left bubble, but there you go.


I’m centre left, probably more centrist than a lot of people.

It’s not, I’m just accepting that we won’t see eye to eye on this issue. I’m acknowledging my own biases (friends who have transitioned) as well as yours. You read into things too deeply.

But that’s not really an issue. The US military received $1 trillion last year, which is by far the most of any military in the world. Looking after some of their soldiers who want to transition is a tiny fractional cost and probably falls under employee healthcare benefits in most instances.

Trump’s decision was not made on insignificant spending cuts - it was made because LGBT rights is a wedge issue. For all the arguments against liberals using “identity politics”, this is a classic case of using identity politics to create divides.

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I was right-wing at age 18. The right lost a voter because they don’t apply logic to issues such as climate change, LGBT issues or economics (inequality is a driver of worse economic performance).


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Is it any surprise Hillary lost the election, and the Democrats are still in the state they are in (even with jackass Trump in the top job) when this is the insane, far-left, identity-politics-driven, online world of losers that they attempt to represent?


“Male privilege”.


If you’re going to claim that the entire Democratic Party is supportive of this crap, back it up.

There are always going to be some on the fringes of each side of politics, and the other side will try to paint them all with that extreme, but come on…

The Democrats lost the last election because of (in no particular order):

  1. The Russian interference (propaganda works on enough people)
  2. The Democrats put up a candidate without a narrative of why she should be president (I’m not him wasn’t good enough).
  3. They (Democratic party) also ignored the ongoing desire/demand for change (which was a big reason Obama’s Hope campaign was successful); the party’s conventional wisdom was wrong, and Bernie Sanders would have been a better candidate (and would’ve had a better chance in the general election) because he was addressing the apalling inequality & unfairness in the USA, while Clinton was easily (albeit incorrectly) painted as being part of the status quo & thus the problem.

And while obviously not all members of the Republican Party are racist/sexist/etc., if you’re a bigot in America you’re probably a Republican, and so as that fringe hated a black president, they certainly didn’t next want a woman president.

To your twitter post from a magazine aimed at a female audience, the very ‘conservative’/right-wingers who get upset at the Democrats for supporting feminism, equality for homosexuals, etc. were never going to vote for a Democrat anyway, so they aren’t who the Democrats need to appeal to or to placate.

The centre is where the swing votes always are, and they aren’t happy; unfortunately Trump convinced enough of them that he might actually change something for them so they took a chance, while others were actively saying they’d vote for him as an attempt to ‘break the system’ which isn’t working for them.


…but the states that swung massively to Trump voted Obama last time…so much for your “fringe” theory; full of holes!

You can’t say Ohio LOVED the idea of a black President…but just found the idea of a female President so outrageous; that doesn’t wash at all. And not simply any female, but one that was well known to all Americans at the top of US politics for years.


If you subscribe to a cliche 1950s view of the world. Bigots in modern America are found on both sides of politics.


Like I said, the type of losers that find that sort of tweet appealing, are exactly the sort of people that the Democrats attempted to target at the last election (at the cost of sane, normal, middle America).


…the DNC emails are “propaganda” now? I think it is you who needs to “back up this crap” now…


No. You’ve misunderstood. My point is that the language and attempts to appeal to the voters that would find that tweet appealing is exactly why the Democrat messaging has become so narrow and focused as to exclude vast swathes of middle America.


And yet 40 million is spent on Viagra for the military each year. The only reason he made this decision is to shore up his voting base.


Sadly you’ve (again, conveniently) ignored the rest of what I said, about people who feel the system is broken & works against them.

In the 1950s the south (with its legacy of slavery and still in-place racial segregation) voted with the Democrats, but they shifted to the Republican party when the Dems enforced de-segregation, brought in the Voting Rights Act, etc.

And you’ve ignored the false stories (propaganda) such as the child sex slavery pizzeria madness; it wasn’t just stolen e-mails, but outright lies that the Russians pushed.

  1. I’m not aware that this was Russian.
  2. That nonsense would have swung precisely 0 voters.

How silly to claim Trump won because of the pizzeria story. I mean, honestly.


Actually, not “again” and not “conveniently” - I already posted 4 times so I thought that was enough - I’ve previously commented on the fact Trump won because he targeted those voters across the rustbelt. This time I was commenting on why the Democrat messaging failed, and why they ultimately lost.


Again, we’ve already commented in this thread that those came from predominantly Macedonia.


I already had that point put to me: