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The only part of the job of president that Trump visibly enjoys is the campaigning, because then it is all about him ; that he would dispense with elections, and the rallies and pageantry that go with them, is inconceivable.

It’s clear though that Trump would much rather enjoy the same type of elections that his mentor Putin enjoys - where he enjoys media adulation, the results are known in advance, official opposition candidates call for Putin to be re-elected and real opponents die mysteriously.


An update of today’s unhinged and mentally unstable rally by Trump in Dayton Ohio:

  1. He plays the J6 Anthem a song by the rioters he calls “hostages.” He praises them.
  2. He attacks Ron DeSantis and compares him to ISIS.
  3. He says he won’t fund schools that have vaccine mandates.
  4. He says we won World War 1 and World War 2 with “forts” like “Fort Bragg .”
  5. He says President Biden beat “Barack Hussein Obama.”
  6. He struggles to say the word “bite” when comparing immigrants to snakes.”
  7. He says immigrants “are not people” and calls them “animals”.
  8. He says he has been the most unfairly treated President and his crowds are bigger than Raegan.
  9. He struggles to say “Rolling Stones.”
  10. He says Fani Willis is named “Faney…like an ass.”

There was more but you get the point.

Probably the worst part was when he suggested that if he doesn’t win there will be a bloodbath. “It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country”. Clearly a threat of violence.

Yet there’s people out there that will vote for him in their millions.


Why is he still attacking him when he dropped out ages ago?

Isn’t having a fair trail in court considered as being fairly treated?

Neither two are the best, given their age, but at least Biden could be considered more mentally stable than Trump, and can actually speak in coherent sentences.

Because he’s an idiot.

But you see all these legal shenanigans are just witch hunts against him.

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How are the court trials considered witch hunts?

They aren’t I was just being snarky and it’s the type of nonsense he touts to the media and his cult.

The Orange Man has had a meltodwn on Truth Social about the impending payment in the New York fraud case. And yes he refers to it as a “WITCH HUNT”

It’s sad that all of these MAGA supporters just feed off everything he says and completely distrust the law or legal processes because of it.

As far as a witch hunt goes, Trump is the one that has threatened to lock up certain political enemies / those that have ruled against him if he becomes president. That is the definition of a witch hunt.

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In the eyes of these lunatics (and there are LOTS of them), Trump can do no wrong even if he killed 100 people in the middle of Time Square. Whereas Biden sneezes and they think he’s mentally unstable

I’d be questioning the IQ and mental ability of these Republican voters.


Very sad to see he tapped in the minds of people who are disillusioned with their current government and President .

However not all of them are crazies like the media suggest or people here do. Sad really.

Oh well I have been working hard to talk to Trump supporters to understand their way of thinking and it boils down to issues that they are concerned about in their local area. Has been fascinating. Unlike members here who like to use labels to put them down. As someone who does have some mental health issues the language of comparing Trump voters as mentally from all people (not just here but everyone) has made me angry. People are gonna vote who they think is best for them. Not what you want them to vote for. Which is why I hate CNNs and Fox News political bias opinion bull shit and not being responsible in their journalism. ALTHOUGH Fox News is much more guilty of this but CNN is starting to cross that line.

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Kevin Rudd has made his enemies list

God those two in a ring would be awesome to watch.

2GB’s Ben Fordham revealed that the Kevin Rudd question to Trump was written by Sky News Australia CEO and chair of the editorial board of The Australian, Paul Whittaker. Whittaker was invited by GB News boss Angelos Frangopoulos to craft a question.

Some good news. Hope Biden keeps the trajectory up so Trump can have a man-sulk and buzz off for good.


Yes in the economists average of polls he’s ahead and in the real clear politics he’s just behind. Definitely a trend despite the questionable polling companies in the US.

I know that polling can really just be a mirage or the gospel truth but you’d hope this one would be more the former than the latter:

I wonder how much of that is not that people are drifting to Trump, but moreso that many are not happy with Biden over Israel and Gaza. It seems like the Democrats (and Labor here) are walking on eggshells when they’ve been hammered by the Greens on the left who thinks that Israel should not even defend themselves against Hamas whilst the Liberals are pounding Labor because apparently Palestinians don’t exist and Israel is the centre of the universe.

By appeasing to both sides, the Democrats (and Labor) are winning no one over.

The American rule is that first term presidents are only dumped if they make many major mistakes.

Certainly, it seems to be the convention because in recent times: Hoover was defeated by the Depression, Ford by Watergate, Carter and Bush by recessions, Trump by COVID.

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I have a feeling that this will cause Biden to lose key swing states, especially Michigan. The Arab voters helped him win in 2020, but are now abandoning him with 100k voting Uncommitted in the Democratic Primary.

My prediction is that I can see most of them voting not for Trump but for independents. Biden will still get more votes than them, but it will cause the amount voting for Biden to be less than Trump, giving him Michigan. Speaking of independent votes, I can also see the highest percentage of people voting for independents ever as I have seen a lot of people on social media who hate both Biden and Trump.

Even if we drop everything pre-WWII (Roosevelt in 1912 etc), I’d be stunned if RFK came near the 18 percent of Ross Perot in 1992. Certainly possibly he’ll be a disrupter of sorts, but I can see the ‘dislike’ of both candidates turning into people not voting at all.

Speaking of, incredibly unhelpful of Hillary Clinton to pop up in recent days to lecture the US population on late night TV and tell voters considering not backing Biden to “get over themselves”. It’s remarkable how oblivious she is to herself and her history.

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This I agree with. The general trend of independent polling is that they will often start out strong and tail away as the election nears. There may be a non-insignificant amount of double haters as they are known, but most of them will likely hold their nose and pick one because they hate the other guy more.

RFK has another major challenge to holding support: he is hard to listen to. Forget everything about his conspiracy theories, his vocal issues are going to make it difficult for people to sit and listen to what he has to say.