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Yep… never anything serious or for the people… just have put on the theatrics “to own the libs”.

How did this lot get a majority in the house again? There are a lot of crazed people in that party these days.


Senator Kyrsten Sinema announced she would quit the Democratic Party and serve as an independent.

She campaigned on a green agenda but then votes as a corporate loyalist and the democrat’s obstructionist. I don’t think she will be missed in the party room. This will be an interesting game of chicken in 2024.

Either democrats run against her, risk splitting the votes and republicans getting a comfortable win. Or they run dead, let her be their de facto candidate, and end up either having to deal with her for another 6 years but also risk republicans winning anyway.

I hope the democrats take the high-risk high reward option and run against her, but string out their decision so they get a year of loyalty out of her.

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She could also be transitioning out of politics into a corporate hack. Her positioning and posturing may suggest this. She’ll caucus with the Dems like the other two independents in the house.

Clearly she didn’t like the fact she would no longer get attention in a 51-49 senate and would prefer to play games with the dems.

Part of me thinks she is angling for a Fox News gig, as the token (ex-)Democrat who just so happens to speak up for everything the Republicans say and do.

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Perhaps she was hiding :wink:


Wow this guy is unbelievable.

What a tool.

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Speaker of the House Election drags on after 11 failed ballots. House will reconvene tomorrow after being adjourned just after 11am AEDT.


Where are the democrats here? this is a huge opportunity for a political manoeuvre.

After 14 unsuccessful rounds of voting, Republican Kevin McCarthy has been elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Mr McCarthy won in the 15th round of voting after managing to sway enough hard-right members of his party.

Coming straight from that slimy Republican party. Says it all really.

And now here’s 2 years of Trump unloading bile and filth towards Haley for her candidacy :roll_eyes: