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Trump should enter a comedy competition because this is some hilarious stuff. Now that he can’t blame the Russians he shifts the blame to the other Communist powerhouse.

Has he even seen Biden’s approach towards China? Dare I say it he’s been even more aggressive and assertive than ever before.

The Democrats needs to be shouting from the hills about Russia’s collusion in the 2016 election. If Trump wants to play dirty then the Democrats should fight dirty till the very end.


I’m not sure if playing dirty is the aim, but yes the Democrats need to at least learn to fight fire with fire. They have no choice given the amount of seriously dumb and deluded voters in the US.

I doubt Biden will run again. I think he is already setting the scene not to run by saying it will ultimately be a family decision.

It can’t be Kamala unless she really starts to improve her standing in the next 2 years. They need someone new, younger, and sadly probably a male to defeat DeSantis or even Trump.

The old adage used to be that Democratic candidates also needed to be from the South too eg. Clinton, Carter. Obama was an exception.

NY Post: Florida Man Makes Announcement Page 26 :slightly_smiling_face:


It says a lot that even Rupert can’t be bothered with him anymore.

Gonna keep this for when Scott Morrison loses to Labor. Oh wait.

He did it once. And then the Democrats resisted a red wave during the midterms, going against the typical backlash expected of the party in power, in the middle of an inflation spike. It seems Biden is winning quite a bit.


CNN reported to have just called Georgia runoff for Warnock (Democrat)

And AP


51 seats for the Dems which is a bare minimum

50 is the bare minimum, no?

50-50 requires a VP (Harris) to break a tie and 51 is the bare minimum to win outright.

Warnock won his GA senate seat in a special election in January 2021

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There is no power sharing agreement with 51 seats so they can now have the majority on all the committees. The senate also has subpoena power which will be good to use to counter balance the endless investigations the Republicans will do in the house to non issues like Hunter Bidens laptop and Fauci.

Good to know they will use their majority in the house to investigate such pressing topics.

Meanwhile, The Trump Organization was found guilty on all counts of tax fraud

They campaigned on fixing inflation but now crickets

Sadly nobody thought they would tackle minimal issues like inflation when Hunter Biden’s laptop is still around and lord knows what they want to accuse Fauci of I’m sure it’s something along the lines of peddling a narrative about a fake virus or something like that.


Considering what mid-terms are like this is a great result for the Democrats. That way they can ensure that any stupid legislations or policies the slimy GOPs want to press through the house can go and die in the senate.

Shows the GOPs that they’re becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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Lindsay Graham has started the narrative that Biden should be impeached because he hasn’t visited the border.

Haha this is next level brain damage.

Yep… never anything serious or for the people… just have put on the theatrics “to own the libs”.