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I know of no one connected with suicide however, I am empathetic to the cause and believe in this day and age of awareness and beginning attitude change to domestic violence and sexual harassment; suicide should not be ignored in news reports and other public information.

You don’t solve a problem by sweeping anything under the carpet.


Not to go too off topic, but this seems to be an Australian thing - other countries appear to confront the issue head on in media coverage, whereas we appear to skirt around it and include semi-cryptic messages




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You’re not familiar with Iain’s work?


It is unfortunately, mental health despite all the progress is still being treated as shameful. Not abating to put it into perspective. Suicide is the one issue that stands out a lot where no one wants to talk about it because the fear and stigma that comes along with it makes them feel bad.
Hence head space programs , mental health nd youth workers are always encouraging that there needs to be discussion with family and friends.


Someone missed the reference…


I’ve been listening to Iain since his LBC days…

Have you?


Never got around to uploading this - how the Chris Moyles Show covered the death of David Bowie, three years ago today.


I wonder if it’ll be any good.