TV Week

The worst thing is that they use these cheap and nasty images from the show rather than a posed shot from a photo shoot. They had two good shots from The Masked Singer and one from Neighbours that could have been a better cover photo.

I personally want to see different shows featured. They should have more of the shows which are finding success like The Cheap Seats featuring Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald. Thank God You’re Here with Celia Pacquola photographed with a guest like Julia Zemiro who has done the show a few times and has featured on a lot of other TV shows but has maybe never been on the cover.

Also, Hamish MacDonald from The Project, Rob Collins from RFDS and many other shows.

TV Week is like “What other TV shows?”.

Will see if Neighbours appears a second time during the remainder of the year…

Home and Away, again? How many issues this year is that? I know it’s less than previous years, but still way too many.

Its not often they have actual tv hosts on the cover. Agree that it would be nice to see someone from The Cheap Seats, Thank God You’re Here, HYBPA etc. I know they do use Hamish Blake once a year for The Lego Show, and The Block cover will feature soon, as it has been done a number of years now.

It’s going in the right path (slowly). But sometimes, it feels like one step forward, then they take two steps back. A slow process, but it’s getting there slowly. lol

Whats in the tv week this week is soap diary back yet?

The Block this week plus Home and Away, RFDS Neighbours and Amazing Race.

they resisted the temptation to put Peacocke as the main cover pic, again, having also dodged putting him on the cover when The Newsreader returned a few weeks ago. The shine must be fading from his halo effect.

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He’s in three free-to-air dramas at the moment that I’m watching: The Newsreader, RFDS and Five Bedrooms. Impossible to distinguish between the characters in the three shows. Always your typical Aussie bloke who bumbles his way through life. No range. It’s like he only knows how to play himself in a role.


Is he steven peacocke good at acting though.

Not in my eyes.

he’s good at acting one type of character. It has yet to be seen if he can do others.

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