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There’s also the “Behind the Scenes” filler which is just an interview from NBC Today.

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Logo timeline for TCN9 Sydney.

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A few of WIN’s 2004-2005 idents, specifically the longer ones.

Caps belong to @AAT

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That daytime signpost will always be horrendous.
Not the only really bad, non-standard WIN signpost out there (the early-morning crawford classics one is also just as bad, if not worse from a few years later on).

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WIN television id music was similar to the Nine ID except win tv modified their beginning of the music and their promo.
I still prefer the Nine’s version over the WIN.
By the way the sep 2002- jan 2006 presentation was the best that’s i have seen. I preferred the sep2002-aug 2004 package as it was much smoother than the other one

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Channel Seven Perth content from 1997, 1998 and 2005

Seven Nightly News Updates with Rick Ardon (16/4/1997):

Perth’s Home With Seven Ident:

Closed Captioning TVC (December 1998):

Seven News Perth Opener (3/7/2005):

Strange coincidence:

Channel Nine has been beaten by… 13 when the latter launched the 7 days 7 colors graphics (promo only, others are fully blue) in around March/Apirl 2002 - while Nine only launched “7 days 7 colors” in September that year!

What I mean there, is, in promos 13 was alternating color each day, like Nine during 2002 - 06, #myfriends !

image image image image image

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An old clip from National Nine News Sydney (2001 or 2002) with Ian Ross seen in the documentary “Leaving Neverland”.


Old YT channels for WIN National Sales (back when they were called WIN-NBN Sales):


That second account has a video “WINNBN Presenter”. How times change, watching the Nine Darwin section of the video and Nine’s “blitzing” commitment to the Top End as spoken by then presenter Jonathan Uptin.

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if it weren’t for the Studio10 graphics, these would be good screenshots.

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2 1/2 hours of ABC News Election Coverage from 2004.


Ignoring the WIN brand, I quite like the ID music they used on those identa. It’s a nice alternative to what Nine was using. Do we know if Nine used this version on any of their presentation from this period?

Wondering if anyone has any high quality versions of this theme too.?

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I suspect there most likely were Channel Nine/NBN versions of those 10 Second WIN 2004-06 Idents produced. However like a lot of things (it was only years after they went off air we found out there were unused IDs/elements from Nine’s 2001-02 package), they were probably either unused or very rarely played?

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Here’s the Saturday ident in digital quality. It’s missing the first split-second however…

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Neighbours began 34 years ago today (On 7 in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. It was a week later in Brisbane) Launched at a time when most soaps faded away after 6 or 7 years, to be still going for 34 is quite an achievement.

YouTube: Brad Wootton-Brooks

Some dude wrote about it in 2015:

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National Nine News Sydney - Partial Bulletin from Monday, 2/12/2002 (Jim Waley’s first night as a regular presenter)

Apologies for the snowy picture throughout the first 3 minutes of the clip


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People still buy DVDs?

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