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A bit curious but why didn’t Channel nine Perth aired the price is right in November 2005 at 5pm timeslot? (I know that channel nine Melbourne and Sydney aired the price Is right back then, that was the month where this show ended where Larry Emdur moved from Nine to Seven to host Wheel of fortune in 2006)


Called at least 4 VFL Grand Finals (1997-2000) and a number of TFL (Tasmanian State League) GF’s in the 1990’s until 1994. First called VFL in 1996 when Peter Gee was unavailable through WNBL commitments.


Criminal Intent & NCIS IIRC were the two shows programmed in that 8.30 Sunday timeslot.


Also did the last ever Showdown at Football Park for SEN in 2014-memorable for Port Adelaide’s late final quarter charge, coming back from 20 points in the last 6 minutes of the game, including This included a goal by Angus Monfries from outside 50 that landed just in front of the Port Adelaide’s point line, bounced at right angles and went through for a goal.


What does this have to do with anything?


Well Angus is related to Alice Monfries so there the TV connection LOL


Agro has finally gone international! Apparently the Leaving Neverland doco features some historic footage of Seven’s Super Saturday kids’ show with Agro and Jill Ray interviewing Wade Robson about dancing on stage with Michael.

Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

Yep. Very early on in part 1. National Nine News, ACA, ABC News, Middays with Ray Martin and Hinch also feature.

and while i’m here, Seven has aired a few Jackson docos in the past.


Seeing those Seven promos reminded me that in the 2003-2004 era, Seven used to show a graphic/super at the end of each segment of many of their programs, notably soaps and dramas like H&A and All Saints. These were generated “live” and showed the title of the show in capital letters over a red background, and appeared at the very bottom of the screen. The practice stopped around September 2004 and programs without their own bumper/caption just faded out to black again. It was a nice touch.

I’ve never understood why there has never really been any uniformity on the Australian commercial channels when it comes to commercial break supers/end-of-part captions. Some shows have burnt in captions either side of a break, some only at the ends of segments, and many neither. I presume the only requirement by law is to identify the program/network/classification at the beginning of each segment - so why so many different styles, even between programs on the same network or with the same production company?

It’s also surprisingly to me (as a Brit accustomed to the UK networks) to see that when the news resumes after a break, there is no sting and they cut straight from an ad/promo to the newsreader. An audio sting is a handy cue to the presenter too and stops them being caught off guard (remember Mary Louise Theale and her arsehole of a husband?)


This looks like fun. Hopefully Netflix will have access to put some of the original episodes online too.

I was too young to catch Laugh-In in its original run in the 60s and 70s but HSV7 did show it as a summer replacement for Sons & Daughters one year in the 1980s. It was probably considered ‘adults only’ comedy in the 60s but mild enough for a 7.00 timeslot in 1983 :slight_smile:

But I don’t think it’s been on TV here ever since??


Not an Australian clip, but this 1989 promotional video for the local news on WLS in Chicago includes many features – presentation and otherwise – also used by stations in Australia (the theme, the set, the name, the ABC News striped globe, etc.):


The first news open in this historical compilation from Puls 4 in Austria may look a bit familiar:


Late 90s Nick McArdle and Melissa Doyle.


Found this a few years ago at a Op Shop:


A full National Nine News bulletin from the 13th of January 2008, the day before the relaunch. With Carolyn Randoe as fill in presenter, and Christine Ahern with sport (nearly forgot she was on sport!).


THe day before the Dots were reinstated. Nine Adelaide and Perth didn’t have the dots back until 2010.


Nice find! Do you have promos there as well?

How long was Carolyne Randoe used for as a fill in for news? Was it only a brief stint in January 2008 or was she used on other occasions?

And what an appalling package that was! I liked the ‘cowbell’ theme though.


I’m pretty sure she just filled in on weekends from December 2007 to late Jan 2008 while Jo Hall presented weeknight bulletins (and Peter Hitchener in the later half of Jan while Jo went on break for two weeks).

Just some incomplete ones in the video unfortunately :frowning:


Did Tony Jones fill in as newsreader at all during that era? Or was it just Brett McLeod?


Don’t think so (from the videos I have). I think he was in the early 2000s and after 2009 (from memory).