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some time around 2003?


Back in 2004, CSI rated much higher than movies on Nine as well as in its 8:30PM Timeslot. that was the time as a young student, after watching 60 Minutes, I went straight to bed because this show was an M-rated program and consumer advice was mandatory - contains violence, sexual references, adult themes


Talk about movies on TV…

Might not relevant through but in Argentina the two most famous movie programs are “El mundo del espectaculo” and “Cine de trasnoche”, both on Canal Trece. There were also Cine Splash and Cine de medianoche too.

Now these things are just works as filler, #myfriends.

The music was cool, however, from 2001, the show’s intro became intergrated with the channel bumper.




Today we lost another TV legend 6 years ago on this day


The really sad thing about that video was that the tribute was for the man who did the V/O for the bulletin. It still felt like he was still there, but he wasn’t.


The Big Gig and The Late Show are two of my all-time favourite Australian programs.


There was a fantastic program on Nine the other night, “Australian Crime Stories”. Thursday night’s episode featured a heist on Kerry Packer’s gold bullion from his Park St offices. There was a clip of Jim Waley reading the news.

Sydney National Nine News October 1990 with Jim Waley.


Both bulletins aired 20 years ago today:


Have to say, Ten (10)'s on air package was top notch and dare I say it, makes NNN look formulaic and outdated.

At the same time Seven transitioned into the red overload presentation, which I feel is in between the two others (theme was epic). ABC was by far the most outdated and they still used their presentation well into the new millenium, though their music was still iconic.


I agree, although Nine’s Sydney presenting/reporting team of the time was top notch. Name a more iconic news/sport presenting duo than Hendo & Kenny!

I think it was a few months later (possibly June 28?) that Seven Nightly News launched the red look which would take them into the early part of the new millennium, albeit with some tweaks for a new logo and shortened name in 2000.


Quite strange how it took Nine until August 2000 (and January 2001 for Melbourne) to update their graphics package. To be honest, some of the elements looked liked it belonged in the late 80’s.


We’ll probably never know the real story as to why TCN launched a new set in Early 1999 with new graphics/theme music not debuting until August 2000 (I personally suspect that a number of versions were rejected before Nine received a version they were satisfied enough to put on air), but somehow it wouldn’t overly surprise me if National Nine News was really scrambling to get a fully refreshed look & sound on the air in at least Sydney before the Olympics*.

*And yes I’m more than aware that Seven had the rights and just about every TV in Sydney was tuned to that station in the 2nd half of September & Early October 2000 as a result, but no doubt it would’ve been extremely embarrassing if TCN were still using their outdated Late '90s graphics and the retro theme music at Olympics time!


Rob Waters hosting a VFL game in 2000. Never knew he was on the ABC!


I think he was originally the sports reader for ABC News in Tasmania. I was visiting Tasmania in 1995 and saw him on there.


He was. For quite a while. Used to host the sports segment in Melbourne’s 7pm news. When they still had a sports presenter


Caps of Mike Willesee in 1993, shown at the end of Friday nights episode ACA.


I still search out The Late Show skits to this day. Truly, champagne comedy.


New videos I’ve uploaded:

Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Opener 5/11/2005:

Channel Nine Perth - Promo Montage 5/11/2005:

GWN - Doopa Dog Goodnight (Feb 2002):

GWN News 7:30pm Update 8/2/2002:

GWN 70 Second Ident:

GWN 20 Second Ident:

GWN - Friday Movie Opener:


He also called AFL for ABC and later on, SEN.


It wasn’t all that different from the opener used in the late 80s / early 90s, though other graphical elements got tweaked every now and then in the following decade. Goes to show that when you are hundreds of thousands of viewers ahead that things like graphics just weren’t a priority.

Also the era of the ultra-zoomed in presenter shot, you could see that Ten was already somewhat passed that.