TV History


Never saw that in NSW either.


I think Wollongong playout stuck with the light gold 1995 PRG logo right up until the Entertaining Australia multi-coloured one began.


It was pretty much this from 1995 until 2002.


Those GFX still look great


Whoops accidentally deleted the post!
Full Ten News Melbourne bulletin from 2005…


Hey I see that look like someone in the RUS used to “stole” the 7 days 7 color of CH9 , #myfriends

They stole that in 2012 - 2013.


Prisoner reunion.


I would have loved to be there but couldn’t justify the $300 price tag


Foxtel Digital newspaper promotional DVD:


A full National Nine News Melbourne bulletin from February 8, 1991 from Oz TV VHS Nostalgia.


Some clips from Channel Nine Perth (11/7/2009 and 29/5/2010):

Apologies for the low volume on the 2009 clips, as that’s how it was recorded


STW9 had the 2000-2005 Nine News music theme being played in 2009. It was a shame that WIN owned Nine Perth and Nine Adelaide. That time, the dots werent reinstated until Mar 2010. Steve Britten was voiceover for Nine News Perth between 2009-2013, saying “THIS IS NINE NEWS”.
Matt Tinney used to be at Nine but he was at Seven.


Tim Lester and his caterpillar hosting a kids gameshow in his TNT9 (TasTV) days.


ABCTV - Program Cancellation advisory + Scroll (2000):


I was wondering where the CTC7 and ABC3 studios and masts were on Black Mountain prior to the Telstra Tower being built. I managed to find a site plan for the proposed Post Office Tower (this was when the PMG ran the post office, telephone system and the ABC’s transmission infrastructure), in the National Archives database. The two studio sites were turned into car parks.

The last time I drove up there I noticed that one of the concrete blocks that held one of the CTC tower guy-wires is still visible just beside the road.

Edit: Just to add, the then National Capital Development Commission wanted a far more traditional broadcast tower but the PMG wanted a tower that people could visit. After much argument parliament’s Public Works Committee agreed with the PMG.


A bit of A Country Practise with a bit of italian dubbing


Clip of Mike Willesee in 1987, RIP:


Willesee and Keating in 1993 prior to his re-election win



I believe it was Ten that first put an end to Sunday night movies and provided alternative programming- back when they were the innovators in Australian television and didn’t rely on recycled garbage to attract viewers.