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Not bad for it’s time… very “manual” as well with almost no automation and no desktop editing it would have been very labour intensive.

A number of staff went from TNC to Sky when AIM folded including 2 EPs and Katrina Lee. Michael Holmes of course went to CNN.


Looks like we might be one step closer to finding out exactly when the final Sydney/national set at Epping and (most likely) Seven News’ slightly refreshed graphical elements for 2002 were first launched.

Among @Zampakid’s recent finds on the tapes from Perth were a couple of Seven Late News Openers (via GWN) from February 5 & 8 2002 and the presentation had changed by the time those bulletins went to air!


I vaguely recall reading somewhere at the time that TNC was being piped through to TV screens through Parliament House while the channel was being wound down. Making it a pretty expensive investment for a mere handful of viewers!


…and judging by the clip from TNC’s trial phase which was posted above, it also looks like they spent a fair bit of money on the On-Air Presentation.


Yes, there was a determined push to have the government declare the channel as “must carry” and I believe the exercise of piping the trial through Parliament was part of that.

I’m not even sure there was officially such a thing as “must carry” status but I guess in those early days before any services actually launched there was an opportunity to have it introduced.


There were some pretty deep pockets involved… Fairfax was still flush from the rivers of gold, Cox Communications weren’t short of a dollar or two, CNN was in there keen to stake out a claim to a new territory and the ABC invested staff and equipment.

After the shut down all that new state or the art gear found a new home in ABC newsrooms.



Some Channel Nine Perth videos from 5/11/2005:

National Nine News Perth - Partial Weather and Closer:

Channel Nine Perth - Saturday/Yellow Lineup:


Channel Nine Perth still had the ‘Still Local, Still The One’ as their lineup for primetime shows in 2005. However, Channel Seven was too strong at the end where they claimed No 1 in Perth.


Last time that Brisbane made a bid for the Olympics was in 1986. TVO had a special ident made based on their ‘Turn to News’ package.


“We want the games now, we’ve got the knew-how” Wow!


Don’t think I’ve seen this before. SBS World News Channel content from 2007.


Mal Walden and jennifer Hansen used be at 10, but Hansen’s left 10 in 2006, and Walden retired in late 2013. MAl Walden is a phenomenon where he tried to pronounce words and also making puns.


Mal Walden Book is on of the best books I have read about the News and the Newsroom. I love the occiasially adlibing he did during the broadcast. Phenomenon was funny but Mixing the work “Bus Bombing” was funnier and the smirk from Mal said it all

Jen Hanson, Underated newsreader in my opinion, Married to Alan fletcher who is Dr. Karl Kennedy off neighbours.


WIN Ballarat Content from early and September 2002:


Agreed, Mal and Jennifer were a formidable duo as newsreaders and both excellent in their own right too. It was a pity Jennifer wasn’t around for longer


This is excellent. thanks for sharing. Do you know the source of this? It looks like it’s Ballarat TV received from quite a distance - someone in maybe Melbourne or Bendigo recording it?


Gee, WIN Ballarat were pretty bad at looping the theme music! :confused:


I can assure you that those tapes were recorded in Ballarat, obviously the recording from September 2002 wasn’t a good day for TV.


I never knew WIN used an animated PRG based on the 2001 design. We never got to see that in WA.