TV History


This was its logo during HSV-7’s test transmissions.


This was one of its early station IDs.




Jesus Christ.


Yeah i don’t know what HSV were going for with that


Found that in Google Images as well. But I said on-air, not newspaper ads!


Realistically though, it’d probably be hard to say for sure just how many of the older logos (particularly before the age of colour TV and home video recording) were used in both print and on-air.

I’d probably take Logopedia with a grain of salt especially when there’s stuff missing like TCN’s pre-1970 version of the Nine logo used by GTV/QTQ.


A rather long compilation of TVQ0/10 news intro, #myfriends


From Logopedia’s page for HSV-7






There’s also a “opening night newspaper ad” logo in this page, although it seems the user got it right.


These just happen to be on Ebay. Dating is unclear but judging by the faces I would hazard a guess only and say late 1950s or early 1960s

So there does appear to have been some overlap between early HSV logos at least in the early years, as 7 was using the eye logo in print from 1956 right through the 1960s, but the “(7)” shaped logo in the earlier years, but in the absence of any real footage it’s very hard to know for sure what was appearing on screen.




May only be a guess, but I suspect the bottom logo was used in conjunction with the Americas Cup in 1986/87…


Is this any help?


Seven News Perth promos from 2002





Came across this on Twitter:



Peter Hitchener greeting Australians on the day after Black Saturday, 8 February 2009 from Kinglake.

I remember this bulletin vividly


It was ironic that Naylor himself anchored the Ash Wednesday bushfires 26 years earlier


This is Network 10 presentation in February 10 years ago


I was looking on YouTube but can’t find it did ten or another network here do a network promo to the song by Neon Trees “everybody talks”


Yes, it was Ten who used “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees for their 2013 Launch Promo & On-Air Presentation Package which only lasted until about mid-year when the icy blue/white logo and a completely different graphics package was brought in.