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Yep, it started in February 2003 with David Johnson presenting. It moved to Melbourne around April/May re-titled Sevens 4.30 News. David Brown was introduced at this time. The bulletin also had a news ticker and open newsroom. It lead with the top national story of the day, with a large focus on international news in the middle. There was a local whip around on the lead story (in each city) after the weather. Fantastic bulletin at the time.


I think that is meant to say 2003.
I was always a big fan of the newsroom set.


Am I missing something here? I don’t get the reference to the TV Times. That promo was undoubtedly an Aussie one for one of the Channel Nine stations. And “Get the TV Times feeling” doesn’t sound like a tagline ITV would have used.

There were various “Channel Nine” stations on the ITV network in the VHF days - but they were known on air by their actual names (eg Granada). I think there was some “You’re on Channel Nine, Granada” type jingles. Are you saying there was an ITV company that used the line “Get the Channel Nine Feeling”?

EDIT: Here’s the Granada jingle I was vaguely remembering: “You’re looking in on Channel Nine, Granada”. Skip to 07:22.

Credit: Bob the Fish Productions - YouTube.




citation needed





Thanks #myfriend, but that doesn’t tell us the years. I certainly doubt it was in use the years that Logopedia suggests.

And we don’t know the context that this logo was used. Was it used as an actual logo on-air?




On the other hand…

Similar, right #myfriend ???


It is similar though the solid red version doesn’t look right and it’s not the right font.


flip the logo and bold the font, that’s all #myfriend


true #myfriend, but for a website that’s supposedly striving for accuracy, this falls short.


Corrections to the pages where these logos appear on Logopedia are most welcome!


Or perhaps they could post facts rather than make stuff up and expect others to do the research and correct it.

At least “citation required” on wikipedia puts the onus on the writer to verify their statement.


Well i’m pretty much doing the research. It’s just not that easy finding information about HSV7 and their pre-1970 logos.


I would suggest not making up stuff to fill in the gaps. Otherwise the site just loses cred.

If stuff isn’t known then leave it off or put some level of disclaimer that information hasn’t been verified.


By the way, can u help me with these ID’s?




I am not aware of those


I remember seeing the second one on Seven’s 50 years of TV website. It was called ‘Sail On’.


That logo is not what was used on air in 1956 and for a few years afterwards. I’ll see if I can find the correct one.

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Rick and Sue celebrates 34 years as TV news anchor team as well as the world’s longest. Congratulations to both of them

Sue got national airtime in December 2014 during the Sydney Cafe Siege with Seven’s ATN Studios locked down and staff evacuated.